Interest on deposit?

Hi, I am new to PT and like to learn more. Just made my first deposit (USDC - Polygon).

Not knowing much about DeFi and how this beautyful PT contract(s) work, I wonder if it would be possible to introduce an interest on the deposits - that woud be the perfect attraction: Earning interest on the deposit and having the chances to win both together.

What do you think?

Most important to me it seems that the deposits are kept “save” and can not be liquidated when the DeFi stuff works out against the “bets” PT made. Is this somehow assuered in the contract(s)?

Furthermore i would like to learn more on the POOL token. Does it have an economical use case already or is it “simply” a governance token?

Thanks for all your comments. I look forward to engage more in this project.

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Hi ajerni,

Congratulations on your first deposit.

At the moment there are no POOL incentives on V4 (and therefore no interest generated other than your chances to win the prizes).

We had POOL incentives on V3 and we plan to reintroduce them more effectively in V4, so be on the lookout for that! At the moment, POOL is simply a governance token however we are deep in the trenches in figuring out how to add more utility to it.


Warm welcome also from my side.

The chances of winning are quite high and to keep it like this, all interest generated is distributed via the prizes. We have explored different models with a fixed yield but so far have stayed with this. In the future there may be several pools with different strategies such as a fixed yield, the idea is appealing, but first to focus should be to grow and thats easier to achieve with an outsized prize opportunity rather than a small guaranteed interest rate.

You can find an introduction on the POOL token in @Leightons medium launch post here: Introducing POOL. The POOL Token is live and control of… | by Leighton Cusack | PoolTogether | Medium

Dont be shy and join the discord server which is the best place to ask general questions and brainstorm ideas, the governance forum rather focuses on debating concrete proposals.