Creating Value for the Governance Token - Thread

In order to ensure the governance token holds value, IMO there must be a variety of incentives (other than governance) to hold it. I have created this thread to brainstorm ways to do so.

My first proposal would be the ability for POOL token holders to deposit POOL into a prize pool of their choice and obtain a multiplier. For example:

A user has 1000 POOL tokens and decides they want to partake in the USDC prize pool. They can deposit the POOL tokens alongside the USDC coins in the USDC pool to both earn POOL and receive a multiplier i.e. 5 times the value of their POOL tokens in USD at the time of the prize pool draw.

Please comment with feedback and other suggestions!


What would be the source of the extra POOL distributed? Given that there is no yield source, it will likely come from the treasury, or? That wouldnt be a sensible use of the treasury to my mind. It should be used to develop the protocol and reward active contributors. Occasionally POOL can be added to prizes but it shouldnt be the norm.

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