Happiness Survey Q4/2022


The end of a year has always been a great time for reflection.

How do you feel about contributing to PoolTogether?

This year we created the protocol constitution as our highest-level north star and improved our ways of working together through a new team & budget process. We have experimented with a multitude of NFTs, community-run campaigns, events, and bounties. We collectively launched and promoted the protocol on Optimism as PoolTogether’s first Layer2 deployment. All of that while withstanding any market conditions.

As our community is continuously evolving, regular health checks can help us to correct our course.

You are invited to the Happiness Survey Q4/2022. Please participate here:

The survey is open for one week from now (until Dec 19th)

Thanks to everyone who participated!

You can claim your POAP here: https://www.poap.delivery/happinesssurvey2022

Happiness Survey Q4/2022

Hey Poolers,

We recently conducted our second Happiness Survey. The survey was open for one week from December 12th to December 19th and had 40 participants.

I’m happy to present the results today and hope they can serve as an invitation for everybody to get involved in making this community a better place every day.

The main goals of this survey were to:

  • conduct a health check on our community
  • end the year with clarity
  • open the door for change and improvements

This report does not mean to interpret any of the results more deeply, but to share the unfiltered data and allow you to create your own picture.

Survey Results

First, we will go over all results, presenting an overview of the responses, the average, the previous year’s average.

This first question is scaled best of 10, all the following statements are on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 meaning “strongly agree”. Responses were mandatory, so they show the result of all 40 participants.

Avg: 8.28 :arrow_upper_right:
Last year: 7.7

Avg: 4.6 :arrow_upper_right:
Last year: 4.4

Avg: 3.98 :arrow_upper_right:
Last year: 3.8

Avg: 4.03 :arrow_upper_right:
Last year: 3.8

Avg: 4.15 :arrow_upper_right:
Last year: 3.9

Avg: 3.9 :arrow_lower_right:
Last year: 4

Avg: 3.93 :new:
Last year: n/a

Avg: 3.73 :arrow_lower_right:
Last year: 3.8

Avg: 4.45 :new:
Last year: n/a

Avg: 4.15 :arrow_upper_right:
Last year: 3.9

Avg: 3.8 :arrow_upper_right:
Last year: 3.7

Avg: 3.73 :arrow_upper_right:
Last year: 3.6

Avg: 4.08 :arrow_lower_right:
Last year: 4.1

All statements again, ranked from worst to best:

Open Questions

The survey featured two open questions. Responses to these questions were optional. I’ve tried sorting the responses by their topics.

Do you have any recommendations for improving the PoolTogether community? If you could change one thing right now - what would it be?

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  • Although the discord is already a wonderful place to collaborate and work with others in the community, I think there can be improvement in the flow of starting new collaboration teams within the community. For example, if I want to start a new project with some other people in the server, I have a few options for where to start a group chat: [1] private group DM (not good for community involvement) [2] start a thread (hard for people to find it) [3] start a forum post (gets lost in the sauce) [4] say it all in another chat (hard to follow chat history) A possible solution is if there were a “Community Projects” or “Community Teams” section where anyone can create a new chat.

Achieving goals

  • Lately things have turned into an NFT circus which has little to do with the protocol goals. It could be a needed distraction considering the long wait for V5, but it’s not what I came here for. Christmas Advent calender is a good initiative but it feels diluted from the free for all that is happening on the side.


  • With how the teams are evolving we need a map in the pooltogether docs like ottopia. Not quite as elaborate, but a here’s the pieces of the community and protocol broken into the sections people can get involved in and how to do so.
  • I recommend having a timeline/roadmap campaigns within the community and highly suggest we follow it
  • an easy set of resources to guide new friends to that are interested in crypto/PoolTogether


  • Make it BIGGER! More people. More engagement from different voices on community calls.
  • PoolTogether postcard giveaways, sending it will be like few buks but cool
  • Maybe have someone responsible for welcoming potential new contributors?
  • More open role within the coomunity
  • More games, more swag


  • coinmarket cap ad. and CEX listing

Protocol (not community-related)

  • ETH pool. USDC is boring.
  • Bring black celo!
  • It would be great if you could set up a lottery slot for smaller amounts of rewards, such as a drawing for 10$ worth of rewards.


  • Love the community! Its the most welcoming and one of the best communities out there. Thanks for this wonderful Environment.
  • Literally nothing, ily
  • Add more Tjark
  • thanks

Nothing to add

  • I am drawing a blank on “one thing right now” but thats a good thing!
  • no … everything is good
  • no

Is there any feedback you would like to add? Please share it here.

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Compliments / Positive

  • This is one of the most welcoming and active communities I have experienced. The neutral answer for understanding the governance process, is not due to the lack of information from the community but rather my own lack of researching the details. I believe that all necessary information is provided and available for all to understand.
  • Since this is anon-ish survey, I just want to thank the community. I don’t air my life in discord, but the community is a dependable pick me up when I need it most. Thank you.
  • as always keep doing what you all are doing. It’s working.
  • Thank you for making a Discord server feel like home
  • Keep going!

Improve Information

  • I could possibly help with this but I think it would be VERY helpful to create and update Internal Infographics and UX/UI step by step break downs for NEW contributors! A Tutorial for NEW contributors and NEW Team members!
  • community should have atleast verify have a list of contributors ex. whos working on this campaigns etc. also to track the improvements for reference


  • Steps neccesary for the POOL tokenomics.

Improve Survey

  • If you asked people who filled in this survey how long they have been in PoolTogether it might help you contextualize the results

Nothing to add

  • No

Wrapping up

Based on these results, it seems that overall, the participants of the survey are happy with their experience. The average happiness rating has increased from 7.7 to 8.28, indicating an improvement in overall satisfaction. Community members also generally feel welcomed, clear on the goals and objectives of PoolTogether, and good about the progress being made. There are also a few areas where there may be room for improvement, such as making it easier to contribute and collaborate with others, and making the structure of the community easier to understand.

Although crypto has been crazy, 2022 was a good year for our community. Being part of PoolTogether felt like being on the winning team. The community of Poolers grew stronger and we have bonded beyond digital friendships. We saw the power of our community firsthand as we came together to support each other in many occasions and celebrated victories together.

Next steps

After identifying the areas that need work, it’s time to create solutions. As a result of this survey, I’m inviting all to the Community Buidlathon.

The Community Buidlathon will focus on the 3 out of the 5 worst-performing categories from the Happiness Survey:

  1. The structure of the community is clear to me, and I know what teams and opportunities there are.
  2. I feel empowered to make decisions.
  3. I feel compensated for my contributions.
  4. It’s easy to contribute.
  5. Collaborating with others is easy.

Watch out for the upcoming Community Buidlathon thread & an announcement for more information.

Reminder: All participants of the survey can claim a POAP here.

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