ETH scaling insights and what it means for Pooltogether

My newly gained insight over the last few weeks of researching ETH2:
-All ETH scaling is going to come from rollups (rollup-centric Ethereum)
-ETH mainnet tx throughput will never increase (not even on the roadmap)
-ETH mainnet gas fees will stay high forever
-ETH mainnet will only be used for posting rollup proofs, not for single transactions

Many are hoping for “ETH2” to come along some day and solve gas fees through sharded smart contract execution. That is no longer on the roadmap.

This leads me to wonder if it could make sense medium-long term (maybe in a year or two?) to kill our ETH deployment and move to other chains only.
Maybe redeploy governance on a rollup eventually.

Optimistic and especially zk-rollups are still quite young,
so I think it’s too early to abandon ETH now.
But I think we should consider that we may want to do this eventually.


Ethereum roadmap overview: Rollup-centric Ethereum roadmap: November 2021 update | by Polynya | Nov, 2021 | Medium
Introduction to rollups: Rollups, data availability layers & modular blockchains: introductory meta post | by Polynya | Medium


I hate to see these small depositors wasting money depositing on Ethereum. To ensure the best user experience for all users we should do more to prevent that, and I would definitely support moving away from Ethereum to focus on L2’s.


Moving to an ETH OP rollup and eventually zkR is clear as day and should be done ASAP, Polygon is also investing heavy into ZK teams so maybe they pull a rabbit out of the hat in 2022 and a viable zkR solution will be available on Polygon. A lot of this scaling will be available in 2022 and will take a lot of the traffic off of ETH mainnet, so that might help out gas fees in the short-term, after that its only user acquisitions onto dApps that use L2’s and are absorbing the gas cost for their users as operating cost, a PT mobile app run by PT inc. would make sense then. The PT smart contracts could be integrated into already available applications such as Coinbase. I don’t recommend expanding onto other L1’s which sacrifice decentralization & security.


I think integrating other L1s is fine as long as one deployment failing does not put the other deployments at risk.
People can decide for themselves what chain they want to use.


The gas cost of ETH is too high, and a better solution is needed.