Delegate vote power to student club - Blockchain Committee - HEC Montréal

Hi everyone,

We are the Blockchain Committee of HEC Montréal (Montreal, Canada). We received some AAVE delegate power to vote on different proposals, which increases the decentralization of the governance by giving a student voice.

Now, we would like to expand our participation to other protocols on Sybil like PoolTogether.

Hope we can participate in the decentralization of PoolTogether :slight_smile:

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Nifty. I know very little about the Blockchain Committee of HEC Montreal, got a link? My search is giving me something in Paris or the business school which I assume you’re affiliated.

How did you receive the AAVE? Airdrop or something else?

Any questions or thoughts for PoolTogether?



We are from Montreal in Canada.

Our most active social pages are:

We didn’t receive AAVE (tokens), but we received the voting power associated with the AAVE tokens. State.eth on Twitter invited us to this initiative.

We are new to the DeFi space, but we understand the big picture of Pool Together. If you have any documentation for more details and how the voting process works, that would be helpful for us.

Thank you

This is a really interesting idea… welcome to the community!

I personally really enjoy working with students.

I would recommend attending the next Swim Meet as we are still trying to figure out the community governance as well. Here is more information on our next Swim Meet (and also learn about the community).

(The community website is still a work in progress but has some information about what a Swim Meet is along with the Teams we have formed so far.)

Welcome students from @comiteblockchain !

You find details on governance here: Governance 101. Control of the PoolTogether Protocol… | by Leighton Cusack | PoolTogether | Feb, 2021 | Medium

Essentially you need own POOL tokens or announce yourself as delegate via twitter and lobby for some vote delegations. Right now many people submitted their POOL into the POOL Pool which is voting through a multisig, therefore many votes are perhaps out of reach for you now. But its always worth a try and definitely worth a shot if you want to build presence as a governance delegate across protocols.

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