Delegate Proposals Mega-Thread

Hey all, my name is gabor and have been around with PT for a while now, with ever increasing enthusiasm. I am offering my service as a delegate based on my strong interest in the continued development of the protocol.


  • One of the European time-zone helpers on Discord with a strong intrinsic motivation to make PT attractive and available to a broad audience.
  • Have done the German translation of PT (and continue to update it)
  • Proactively kicked off the charitable PT Christmas Card project; self-funded the professional design&print of the cards which generated a 1000$ donation to an animal rescue foundation in Eastern Europe and made it possible to gift DeFi for Christmas.
  • Strong background in finance, business and management, working on critical key decisions on daily basis and able to contribute to governance proposals and discussions with commercial viewpoints and inspiration
  • Given the finance “DNA”, you will find me on various other DeFi discords. Other than that I have been supporting NFT artists and try to build up a decent collection of items I find beautiful :blush:

Like @Torgin I already use a reasonable share of time and attention to try to make PoolTogether better and bigger and I have lots of ideas I want to bring up in the future. Votes can be delegated to 0xgabor.eth

My interests and ideas can be reviewed in the two submitted governance proposals:


Wayne | Hook | Fish

“For the Fish”

  • Fish is a term for small ticket holders; Whale is the term for large ticket holders

About Me: My name’s Wayne. I have a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and working on my Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering. I have 8 years in industry and have been in a managing position for the last 3 years. Aside from demonstrating that I am an educated and responsible adult with acute technical skills, these credentials do not necessarily qualify me as the best delegate. That’s why I think you should focus on my vision.

Vision: I believe that one day Pool Together could be the very first app that many people use when exploring the decentralized internet. Imagine a pool with even odds and nearly zeros transfer fees that was offered to anybody who creates a new wallet, an accessible pool that anybody with greater than $1 could participate in. I would like to be an advocate for the fish of Pool Together and promote changes which benefit the little guy.

Why are fish so important?

I don’t have to pull out the global wealth statistics for us to know that fish make up the majority of people in the world. Pool Together’s unique no-loss game provides the potential to change the life of many people around the world while also promoting healthy financial management habits. This app was developed by people who truly believed in that cause and I would like to help maintain it.

Potential Proposals/Actions:

  • P: Develop a batch transaction process which would reduce the cost of gas fees and make pools more accessible for little fish.
  • P: Push for a marketing campaign which promotes an extremely accessible pool for new wallet owners (Coinbase et al.).
  • A: Monitor and analyze Whale (and fish) activity to determine if there are any concerns which can be addressed through governance.
  • A: Listen to the voices of my delegates as well as the fish in the community to understand what should be the right proposals going forward.

Full Transparency: I am a firm advocate of full transparency, whether personal or professional setting. As I write this today I am still not a participating pool member of Pool Together . This is because I initially found the gas fees too intimidating relative to my little fish budget. However, I have purchased USDC and ETH on an exchange and plan to enter the pool as soon as those coins are released for transfer. I decided to eat the transactions fees to have a vested interest in a community that I feel has a lot of potential.

Challenges: As you may have already noticed, I have only a small amount of posts in the Pool Together governance forum and only a handful in the Pool Together Discord. I am also very new to the decentralized internet space. However, what I have found very promising about the Pool Together community is their ability to help each other and promote a positive environment. If I were to receive significant delegation and be allocated votes, I would take this role extremely serious and I would seek out mentorship from experienced community advocates and experts.

Feel free to reach out to me on Discord if you have any questions.

Sybil: 0xb9a28ce32dcA69AD25E17212bC6D3D753E795aAe


Thanks for writing this up Gabor, you are an incredibly valuable member of the community and your generosity is inspiring!

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Thank you Hook! Very well written, super excited you are in this community.

This is a little bit more information about me, and why you might want to delegate your $POOL governance to me.


  • I have an educational background in computer science and applied math.
  • I’ve been a founder, engineer, and designer in the Ethereum ecosystem since 2017.
  • I founded a startup in the Ethereum space that went through Y Combinator in 2018.
  • I’ve worked closely with Leighton since before he launched PoolTogether, and have been a supporter since the early days.
  • More recently, I’ve tried to bring a unique perspective to everything happening in crypto, including funding models, digital objects, and social tokens.

My values

  • To keep PoolTogether focused on its core mission, not just token price or popularity.
  • To help PoolTogether grow in its goal, becoming a fair and responsible way for people all over the world to save their money.
  • To innovate on the core model of PoolTogether, someday adapting it to help fund open source projects, underprivileged people, and other groups.

Choosing me as your delegate

If you’d like to choose me as your delegate, please go to Sybil and delegate your POOL to my address 0xB0623C91c65621df716aB8aFE5f66656B21A9108

You can also follow me on Twitter at @john_c_palmer. Feel free to DM me with any questions!


Hey all, my name is Brian Flynn and I’m the CEO and co-founder of RabbitHole. I’ve been working in the space for a few years, first at Republic which lets any retail investor invest in private startups and Dapper Labs, the creator of CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot. I’ve spent years writing about the intersection of crypto and web3, and have got to know the PoolTogether team well over the past year.

At RabbitHole, we’re on a mission to increase participation in networks just like PoolTogether by trying to convert speculators. We believe there’s a better way to create sustainable networks, and we’ve learned a bunch since the start.

I believe PoolTogether is a core building block that should be used by developers across various applications to engage users, and it’s paramount that we find a way to grow the community and incentivize core contributors to push the network forward, not just increase the amount of the TVL in the Pool for higher prizes.

Decentralized networks on Ethereum are at a standstill across the board, piling up huge treasuries that go unused which makes it difficult to attract core contributors and participants.

A delegate vote for me is one in which core contributors are properly incentivized for their contributors, while crafting incentive programs to bring a whole new wave of participants in the ecosystem that can push the protocol forward. We must be constantly learning from other protocols to find the right models and templates to advance forward, and be tightly integrated with the rest of the ecosystem. We must not be isolated from the rest of the crypto ecosystem, we must have a cohesive voice in other communities why gamified savings is better than other lending alternatives.

I’ve already started working on a proposal to use RabbitHole to attract more participants to the protocol which will get $POOL tokens in the hands of more users who are actively using the product. You can view the proposal here.

You can delegate to me on Sybil here.


Agreed. @gabor has my small POOL of tokens delegated.

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This category is intended for posts where users are pitching themselves as delegates.

Hi Torgin,
I have not yet decided if I will participate in governance or delegate. I noticed you are very helpful and welcoming on the discord. How big of a priority is it for you to get the platform generating some revenue that could later be used to help strengthen the platform and/or create token value by having rewards shared by POOL token holders?
Thanks, Tuna

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@TheRealTuna I think it is important to capture the value generated on Pooltogether.
I think a value capture for POOL in the realm of 0.5-3% long-term could make a lot of sense.

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Hi all,

I would like to solicit token delegation for PoolTogether.

I’m a big advocate of passive, low risk, low gas strategies. I have a preference for such approaches and have been using them myself for a while.

I’ve been active in DeFi since last summer (Ether holder since 2017). I got sucked into becoming more active in communities in late 2020 and I spend most of my free time in the INDEXcoop thinking about onchain Crypto funds - I’m the community lead on $DPI and have been working on intrinsic productivity, applying for $DPI to be added as a MakerDAO vault and a few other things.

I’m also active in INVerse finance, and xtoken communities which allows me to bring some learning from other DAO’s to the Pool.

My background is in the physical sciences and I still have a day job that has become a combination of technical expert and management (I prefer the technical parts).

I enjoy digging into data and like to understand what I’m looking at (Mainly spreadsheet analysis and some simple dune queries) and I like to share my insights in my blog

I spend too much time on crypto Twitter, but I’ve found it invaluable for keeping an eye on that’s developing.

I do have an ulterior motive for becoming a delegate as I want to get the $DPI community pool added to the main roster of Pools so we can encourage more people to hold $DPI long term.

However, as I say, I’m a big believer of the advantages of simple, low cost ways for people to enjoy the benefits of DeFi and I like to encourage others to invest in things they understand.

If you would like to delegate to me, please got and delegate your votes: Sybil

Thank you


Glad you are jumping in! Great pitch!

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I would like to become a PoolTogether delegate. I am a simple pleb who enjoys spending all their time on crytpo twitter, discord, and researching crypto in general. I am a small fish, and I would like to represent those other small fish out there. Being a part of the PT discord over the past months has been the most enjoyable aspect of my involvement in the crypto community. The PT community is very welcoming and kind. Disagreements in the group are typically professional and productive. I want to continue this culture of respectful debate in order to ensure all potential proposal outcomes are considered.

My long-term vision of the project is organic growth, and rewards for all users regardless of deposit size. I understand the need for whales in both aspects. Right now, during the liquidity mining phase we have seen exponential growth in prize pool sizes. We have the option to extend that mining period to maintain the size of the pools via whale participation. Hopefully in that time gas fees will be reduced to encourage smaller players and far more people will be aware of the protocol. However, long term I believe that we must find a way to retain players. The prizes are amazing if you win, but the odds of a small fish winning are not great. A small fish is faced with the opportunity cost decision. Is that 100 or 200 dollars worth entering into the pool or investing elsewhere. I believe that we can accomplish pools that pay interest to every player, and still reward a sizeable prize to winners. Both whales and small fish will have an incentive besides the prize, and temporary liquidity mining to keep their funds in a pool. I understand gas fees are currently prohibitive but, I believe the developers of the protocol can make this work in the future. This is my main focus. Long term sustainable growth post liquidity mining.

My most valuable asset is my propensity to ask questions. I am not afraid to ask questions until I understand a concept. I am ok with not being the smart one in the room. I also believe that by forcing a person, or another delegate to simplify a concept it helps that person understand the concept even better themselves. Asking questions can also uncover potential problems that someone may not have considered. When something is complex, I will ask questions until we get to the root of the proposal. I believe this will help everyone understand in a simple way the impact of a proposal on PT depositors.

I am not a developer. I have taken some basic Java courses, and discovered that is not where my abilities shine. I am the Director of Purchasing at and industrial materials distributor. I have traditional business experience, and I am constantly working with others and negotiating in my profession. I believe it is important to have some delegates that are not devs. The majority of players are not developers and they need someone to represent them.

I humbly ask for your votes, and I promise to vote in the best interest of the growth of the PoolTogether project.



Why hello there boys, girls and others!

Andy brings to the table a variety of reasons why you could let him represent your interests in the POOL community & protocol!

Why should we pick you Andy?

Well let’s dive on in!

I’ve been using Pool Together since early January of 2020 and have actively participated in snapshot proposal votes!

In short I’ve been part of the crypto community since early 2017 and have been an active participant in a variety of projects, seen some crash and burn, others succeed. I am quite selective when it comes to what communities I take part in as I prefer to focus on a few high quality projects over a bunch of others.

I do love to jest and bring some comedy to the crypto scene but when it’s time to focus I get serious! I can not stand misinformation and rely heavily on educating users first!

What are some of those projects/communities (come find my activity in their discords!)?

  • FunFair
  • Compound
  • BadgerDAO
  • StakeDAO
  • Axie Infinity also run a scholarship program
  • EthStaker
  • r/Ethfinance avid lurker
  • Uniswap
  • MIR Protocol
  • Gods Unchained

It would appear that I am not as active in PoolTogether but that’s quite the opposite, I’m currently in the learning phase to catch up on what has changed in the last 2 months!

Okay so you are just another guy asking for my vote, why do I care?

Well to start I have been pushing more users to delegate their votes to themselves (or others) by reimbursing 50-100% of their gas fees! None of these folks delegated to myself, nor did I offer them to! I simply wanted to get governance rolling!

Here is one of my recent questions for the team (During our community call today) to show why Andy is a top tier pick!

as per signaling of pool holders that have their votes delegated, is there potential for snapshots to breakdown each delegates peoples interests they represent? That way a delegator can get an understanding of what their contributors have an interest in to make informed governance decisions/votes?

I’m looking to add to the usage of POOL and tokenomics as a whole!

Hmm okay you seem okay, tell me a joke though and we will see how it goes

Andy doesn’t joke! :open_mouth:

Andy is advocated by 2/2 Andy’s

You can find me here!


Please add your sybil link: I think this is you?

Really appreciate your generosity to offer part reimbursement and like the ideas you express. Looking forward to grow PoolTogether together with you.


Previous comment withdrawn after communicating with [Valentin] directly. Issue is with the poor choice of timing of the additional token proposal not with the individual delegate.

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Great pitch Andy. I follow many of the same communities as you. I have decided to participate in governance otherwise you would be my definite choice.

What I see as the biggest priority for the platform is to start collecting revenue from the pools and investing it. We can figure out how to use that revenue to improve the platform and reward holders later. Another priority is extending and/or enhancing the liquidity mining event. POOL pool will be nice as well.


Appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

Will be looking forward to what proposals the community can come up with to run the protocol in an efficient and fair manner!

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