Council Discussion: Changes to the Team Budget Request process

The Council met today to review the TBR Retrospective from last week and discuss what changes could be made in order to improve the process.

We first identified important themes in what went well and what went poorly, then created a list of recommended changes that we all agreed upon.

Themes in the Retrospective

The following are the broad themes that we saw in the TBR Retrospective:

  • We need to focus more on deliverables and the actual value that the budget request is delivering
  • Need more flexibility in how budgets are described:
    • Staffing structure
    • Duration of budgets (one time, initial, recurring).
    • Scheduling budgets earlier
  • More communication
    • More public comms
    • Starting communication earlier
    • Better clarity in how the TBR process works so we can educate newcomers and the community

Recommended Changes

We came to a consensus on a number of changes that we could make to improve the budgeting process:

  • Condense council updates and present them on the community call
  • Allow budgets for more than one quarter
  • Allow budgets to be scheduled in advance (can schedule a Sablier stream)
  • Longer duration budgets should be streamed
  • If the budget request is for more than one quarter, they must still provide quarterly BRs / BUs.
  • Revise the BR template to emphasize goals, deliverables, value to PT, etc. rather than budget. Eliminate budget breakdown
  • Cultural shift: we need to keep each other accountable in terms of articulating value. We need to focus more on deliverables.
  • Schedule reviews for budget requests: start reviewing sooner and do so asynchronously on the forums.
  • Rename Team Budget Request to PT Budget Request to better represent the generalized approach.

If anyone has questions or would like to add their own thoughts, please do so below.

As a reminder, the “Council” is simply all current team members. If you wish to join our weekly calls then just ask anyone tagged @Council in Discord for the @CouncilAuditing role.

Next Steps

Next week at the Council call we will finalize the above changes and update all budgeting content accordingly.