C4 micro-audit: mStable and SwappableYieldSource

July Micro-Audit with C4

In July we had our first micro-audit with C4. This audit included a yield source for mStable and a meta-yield source that allows us to swap yield sources.

You can see the details of the audit here.

mStable Yield Source

We’re particularly excited about the mStable yield source, as they are an OG stablecoin and they have a presence on Polygon. We’re currently in talks with them about launching a prize pool on Polygon. Tagging @jwpe if mStable wants to comment!

Swappable Yield Source

The Swappable Yield Source allows PT governance to move prize pool funds out of one yield source and into another. Our intention is to future-proof prize pools by allowing governance to move funds.

An example of this is Yearn; they have recently deprecated their V1 vaults. If we had a prize pool that used yearn, we would not have been able to move funds. Being able to swap the yield source is a powerful tool, but also comes with it significant responsibility. This would give governance control of the funds in a prize pool. This contract will likely merit more discussion before we choose to launch with it.

Regardless, it’s now in our arsenal.


We’ve now applied all of the mitigations that were suggested by the C4 wardens and so the above integrations are ready-to-go.