C4 Audit: Aave V3 Yield Source

We have written a new yield source for Aave V3. This will be needed when deploying to Arbitrum and Optimism, and allow us to upgrade our Polygon deployment.

Aave V3 Yield Source on Github

PoolTogether partnered with C4 to run an auditing contest that ran from April 29 to May 1st.

C4 Contest Details

The prize pool was $22k USDC. C4’s fee is 20%, so the total cost of the audit is $26.4k USDC.

PoolTogether has $157.6k USDC in credits remaining. The original funding came from the PTIP-44: C4 Partnership proposal.


Awesome! I can’t wait to start using PT on L2s.
The time has come.

It’s a good time to start using Optimism, especially.
You can’t go wrong with Optimism or Arbitrum.