C4 Audit: TWAB Rewards Contract Audit Completion

The Time-Weighted Average Balance is a novel mechanism that was introduced in PoolTogether V4. A user’s TWAB allows us to measure their average token balance between two timestamps. This value can be used as a fair way to distribute chance of winning; but we can also use it to distribute tokens!

A few weeks ago the PT Inc. team completed a TwabRewards contract. This contract allows anyone to create a ‘promotion’: where tokens are dropped to PT ticket holders. Ticket holders don’t even need to stake; they can just claim from the Rewards contract. Our original plan was to use this for the AVAX incentives.

Last week we ran an auditing contest with Code Arena for the contract. The contest details are available here. The PT Inc. team is currently mitigating the audit findings, and we’ll deploy TWAB Rewards contracts along with the Avalanche changes next week. There are no partnership for incentives currently, but we’ll now have the option.

This audit cost $30k USDC in total, and was taken from our $250k USDC budget allocated to C4 in PTIP-44. $220k USDC remains in our C4 budget.