C4 Audit: TWAB Delegator

The PoolTogether V4 TWAB Delegator contract allows accounts to easily delegate their chance of winning to other accounts. See the PoolTogether V4 Docs for more details on chance and the TWAB.

The TWAB Delegator contract is being audited by C4 in a contest that started on February 22.

Participate by submitting bugs, exploits, or optimizations. Every valid submission earns cash!

The prize pool is $30k USDC. C4’s fee is 20%, so the total cost of the audit is $36k USDC.

PoolTogether has $184,000 USDC in credits remaining. The original funding came from the PTIP-44: C4 Partnership proposal.


I’m going to be a bit pedantic, but that’s a 20% fee? :sweat_smile:

Whoops! My bad you’re right