BrightID Implentation

I have been using PoolTogether for some time already (look at my ETH address if you are interested) but I have to the conclusion that there is no way to verify individuals. :thinking:

Now that’s not a problem at this time but maybe in the future when some changes are made to make a more fair system or just to verify people :smile:

It could also be used to award people extra privileges.
For example entering a jackpot lottery with 1 ticket win chance for verified addresses only

But now you have been thinking why BrightID well I have been part of the BrightID community as a BrightID Star, and it is also linked to various other blockchain projects and creates a way to prove that someone is unique.
It could also generate new users via other projects. (more members yay :partying_face: )

Look at their website

It’s an excellent place to start proving that people are unique and have people only enter with one address. or verification

I also have addressed this as an other post with one of the solutions where it can be used for.

This is what I have in mind. I would love to hear from people what they think of it.

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