More fair = more value

What if lottery participants chances of winning taper off after x amount…but they get rewarded in other ways by providing more liquidity to the pool, such as in pool tokens. Therefore there is still incentive for more value to come into the pool while also making it more fair?

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The classic argument for fair here is that every individual ticket has the same chance to get drawn. But the whale factor of holding more tickets gives the individual wallet a greater chance of winning is very real. A taper would be interesting, something like for every 1,000 you receive one less ticket? Or you could get fancy and do some logarithmic thing?

deposit tickets
1,000 1,000
2,000 1,999
5,000 4,996
10,000 9,991
1,000,000 999,001

thanks for response!
I believe we need a system that de- incentives users from creating more wallets for tickets- without this step, it will never work well.
I cant think of any way to do this without “identity token” can you?

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I suggest looking at an article that I wrote just a few moments ago for my idea of a solution/implementation.

also, it’s interesting to look at the other article I posted for verifying people and making people unique

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I am not sure I agree with this. I think 1 ticket = 1 chance to win - regardless of who has this. Same in any “normal” lottery. If someone buys thousands of Powerball tickets, they have more chances to win. The issue is - if I understand this correctly - we have individuals and corporations entering into the same draw.

But, we can surely just have these corporations sponsor the pools and that way they earn interest without being able to win. Maybe that is a way of addressing this and can be co-ordinated at a PT Inc level.

Anything that changes the fundamental of $1 (DAI/USDC etc) = 1 ticket creates unnecessary complexity and changes the clarity of what PoolTogether is offering as a crypto version of a standard lottery.