To have equal chance amongst people

I have the impression that this topic has been discussed before but perhaps not like this.

In addition to the actual pools, can’t we add pools which accept only one ticket per wallet?
You could have additional pools and for each pool a different ticket price.
Ex : 3 addition pools in DAI :
Pool a : ticket price 200 dollars
Pool b : ticket price 300 dollars
Pool c : ticket price 500 dollars

  • Each pool accepts only one ticket per person, like that everybody has an equal chance to win.
  • The prize value will be equal to the ticket price of the pool like that the winners make a gain of 100% of their investments.
  • The number of winners could be decided like this :
    • the interests are generated for one week (or less) and the number of winners will be interest sum divided by the number of tickets

Pro :
More winners
100% return of the investment
This additional pools can exist with the actual pool


What do you think?

Con: $100 gas to win $40 prize


I personally don’t like the idea of capped pools. Here is how I would implement a pool where everyone has the same chance to win, while keeping expected values fair: