Arbitrum is an L2 that, like Optimism, promises the security of Mainnet Ethereum with a fraction of the gas cost. Arbitrum has over twice the TVL of Optimism, and it has no token, yet. Things are heating up on Arbitrum with the start of their Odyssey campaign this week.


@drcpu, @max’, and I share an excitement for Arbitrum and we have started the work to deploy to Arbitrum testnet. The contracts are live, the subgraph is up and we have started to integrate the API, Defender, and UI. To proceed further with the testnet deployment we need to work with PT Inc to update the official packages and repositories. See below for deployment details.


Through Project Optimism we, as a community, have gained a better insight into the process of deploying the PT V4 codebase. It’s a complex system that has been designed well to scale!

Project Optimism’s initial budget for deployment was $15,400. The bounties thus far have totalled $9,800 USDC and roughly 1k POOL (under budget!). We believe we can halve this cost and have Arbitrum deployed by 2-3 people for ~$5k.

Go forward?

In the event that there is consensus to proceed with a launch on Arbitrum we would pursue a grant to fund deployment. The community should consider how to market the expansion - contacting Offchain Labs, meme competition, etc.

We would like to hear from you! Do you share our excitement for deploying PoolTogether to Arbitrum?


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Block Explorer


MockYieldSource deployed at 0x1724EA255F7cF91a2BbB87495D7E40278ba53F51

YieldSourcePrizePool deployed at 0x192731535a326859AC26146b408958E1C9741460

Ticket deployed at 0x86B3A147D6ABb2cEA1350FBAEB9d25c609CFeCfA

PrizeTierHistory deployed at 0xcE5826437B16f4Be26eDf5f602392759a03EC679

DrawBuffer deployed at 0x3013F5A7D2fa35EB2751d9DC2F1E83DBB211f3b0

PrizeDistributionBuffer deployed at 0xAae8EEEC26eAce8A5cBB3dC9aD1039d0c52dbA72

DrawCalculator deployed at 0xC68E74e7C132e3E71E07665d2b881FA50a3d57c3

PrizeDistributor deployed at 0xb6D5EcFcdA23A59327dAc3380F1b12F30B337c1c

PrizeSplitStrategy deployed at 0x9ce53535D5CD4e8887537A777c23AaD1E6ee05a7

Reserve deployed at 0xB26463EB24b355a0303e4FC2F23329b553a975E9

DrawCalculatorTimelock deployed at 0x9F4547e9011722b636046C6E0AbFC28a7B24aBa1

PrizeDistributionFactory deployed at 0xAfD6273230A17b4c285F98831d3FaE63a5C2BF30

EIP2612PermitAndDeposit deployed at 0x029ee1596C82e8287A33551AC5F7aFEF5bCb791B

TwabRewards deployed at 0xe38812F55448ABaEc92c92478CbEc22F3Af3325E

TWABDelegator deployed at 0x80e5F7b7CB7FE787b8b7E47Bef60589bb546022D

PrizeFlush deployed at 0xd9aBd4E72f7e969Fecd43b987e6030f33175ebDF

ReceiverTimelockTrigger deployed at 0x6504B717340b54a05f8C169aF91b10bE152DeCc2



Awesome stuff to hear! The 3 of you are real MVPs. I fully support the funding for the Arbitrum deployment!


For the record, I hit the mouse button on “Yes” really hard.


YES, YES and YES :smiley:

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Really excited to see this!! I have one consideration before voting…

I assume both networks are prioritizing “native” applications. They likely will be less interested in giving incentives if we are deployed on both.

It might be worth reaching out to one (or both of them) to understand how being deployed on both might impact incentives and if they have a preference on how to best work together…


I think deploying to Arbitrum before their airdrop/incentives start is a great idea!

We missed out on it with Optimism.


I don’t think we’re considered Optimism native as of now.

We already come from Ethereum/Polygon/AVAX.

Unless you’ve spoken to someone from Optimism that said otherwise?


Very happy to see this happening for many reasons:

  • All three of you (and @McOso, too) have done great work for the community and the protocol. Even though half of you are full-anon you are some of the voices I trust the most.
  • The offer is more than humble and proves the project comes out of motivation to improve the protocol rather than filling your pockets with treasury funds
  • Moving between L2s seems to become a frictionless and cheap process
    – I believe LI.FI’s suggestions could become even more interesting

We should support you in supporting the protocol. To me, this is a logical step to retain you as long-time core contributors and help you learn the skills both you and the protocol need.

Deploying on two networks in a short period of time sure means more work for the community. But the current narrative around PoolTogether is strong, positive and people are watching. The timing seems to be good!


One thing to point out is that while TVL of Arbitrum is the highest of all L2s at ~$2bn, it has very few users. Only 50-100 new users per day are bridging over) and 20-25K TOTAL users. Just something to think about, especially if it creates more work for the community.

But looks like a lot of the upfront work has already been done.


Thanks for sharing. I monitor TVL of networks/protocols constantly but sometimes forget about this metric - which is very important IMO as well.

Kinda surprising to me actually to see this low of numbers here.

Hi Luke from Arbitrum/Offchain Labs here! We are huge supporters of this proposal! Many of us have been long time pooltogether users.

We would love to see pooltogether join the Arbitrum Ecosystem! Just a bit of an intro about the ecosystem, we have about 400-500 teams building on Arbitrum today and have a vibrant defi ecosystem with teams like GMX, Dopex, Vesta & Radiant. We also have a number of exciting tech things coming up this month including Nitro and Nova. Feel free to check those out here:
Offchain Labs – Medium

Let’s work together and make this happen! :handshake:
It would be great to get in touch and me and our team are happy to help in any way we can. Please feel free to reach out to Alternatively, feel free to DM and I can drop my telegram.


Btw. The POOL Token is now also on Arbitrum! :slight_smile:


Wonder if there is someone who is huge fan of Pool Together and crew that is deeply intertwined in Arbitrum already would be willing and able to make sure an Arbitrum deployment runs snoothly… ???

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