Optimism Epic


The PoolTogether Optimism Epic is divided into two main sequences: testnet and mainnet.

The Epic describes the steps and sequences required to successfully deploy a new PoolTogether PrizePool on the Optimism Layer 2 architecture. Detailing how the rollout will occur in 2 major sequences and how each child bounty is effected.

  • Start Date: May 30th
  • Testnet Launch: June 24th to July 1st
  • Mainnet Launch: July 1st to July 15th
  • Total Bounties: 5
  • Budget: $15,400


2 months is the expected delivery data. Give or take 2-3 weeks given the decentralized nature.

  • 3-4 Weeks (testnet): Optimism Kovan deployment <…> application bounty completion.
  • 1-2 Weeks (mainnet): Optimism Mainnet deployment <…> application bounty completion.

Project: Optimism is the first PoolTogether Bounty Epic.

Reasonable time will be given to promotion, onboarding and coordination.

Bounties (Steps)

The Epic is divided into ******5 bounties. ******Each bounty handles a different part of the rollout: deployment, auto-tasks, subgraphs, api and application.

  1. Deployment: Deploy PrizePool smart contracts on testnet and mainnet.
  2. Auto-Tasks: Create Optimism PrizeFlush & LockAndPush Modules
  3. Subgraphs: Create Optimism Ticket Subgraph
  4. API: Configure Cron Jobs to Fetch Subgraph Data
  5. Application: Add Optimism (Mainnet/Kovan) PrizePoolNetwork to Frontend

The bounties are sequential and must be completed one after the other.

The exception being Deployment and Auto-Tasks bounties which can be completed at the same time. Otherwise Contributors will need complete one step at a time.


PTB-2: https://app.dework.xyz/pooltogether/pool-bounties?taskId=481fb2ce-e3ea-4d3e-a12c-9ac94b98b6e5

PTB-3: https://app.dework.xyz/pooltogether/pool-bounties?taskId=d1081c61-da63-4295-b0ec-fca30fa2b44e

PTB-4: https://app.dework.xyz/pooltogether/pool-bounties?taskId=1e306e5f-3510-4af3-9d5b-cac8bd6897da

PTB-5: https://app.dework.xyz/pooltogether/pool-bounties?taskId=43e5164c-eb83-4393-9efc-87b64b829ee4

PTB-6: Coming Soon


The Epic is divided into 2 sequences: testnet and mainnet.

The sequences describe the technical steps required to deploy both a testnet and mainnet PrizePool. Testnet and Mainnet share similar steps, but may differ in small ways. This is due to the testnet and mainnet not requiring exact architecture parity. Step-by-step instructions outlining specific sequence requirements will be available in the individual bounties.


| Bounty 	| Hours             	| Budget 	|
|--------	|-------------------	|--------	|
| PTB-2  	| 3 Days (21 Hours) 	| $4,200 	|
| PTB-3  	| 1 Day (7 hours)   	| $1,400 	|
| PTB-4  	| 1 Day (7 hours)   	| $1,400 	|
| PTB-5  	| 1 Day (7 hours)   	| $1,400 	|
| PTB-6  	| 5 Days (35 hours) 	| $7,000 	|

Rate: $200 hr

Estimated Hours: 77 ****

Total: $15,400

Contributors will be paid in primarily USDC with the ability to earn an additional 20% in POOL. 10% of the bounty price will also be distributed in POOL at the time of completion. Another 10% bonus can be given out by the bounty reviewer as an additional bonus.


Referral Reward: 100 POOL

Know someone that can do it? Connect us with a qualified candidate. If that person is selected to complete the bounty, then you will be paid upon successful bounty completion. Reach out to Brendan for more info.

Nexts Steps for Contributor

  1. Join the Discord and Introduce Yourself
    1. join the #bounties and #bounties-info channels
  2. Submit an Application on DeWork (Include Bio and Related Work)
  3. Interview with Bounty Team
    1. Previous Work Experience & Related Skills
  4. Get Accepted to work on Project: Optimism
    1. Commit to a 2 month project timeline and coordination with others
  5. Coordinate with other Contributors
    1. Private Discord Channel
    2. Bi-Weekly Check-ins
  6. Start Assigned Bounty
    1. Coordinate with others


The Project: Optimism has 2 major sequences and 5 bounties.

Each bounty includes 2 sequence instructions: testnet and mainnet.

For example, the Smart Contract Deployment Bounty includes instructions to launch a testnet PrizePool on Optimism-Kovan and a mainnet PrizePool on Optimism-Mainnet.

Bounty contributors are expected to commit to the full length of the project and completing both the testnet and production steps of each bounty.