Airdrops for Missing Referral Awards

We have manually payed out the referral awards for the week of November 13 - November 20. The payouts are listed at the bottom of this post, and an explanation follows.

For more information on rewards, see Making All Players Winners

Two contracts in PoolTogether hold tickets: the v2 migration contract holds tickets so that users can exchange their V2 tickets cheaply and efficiently, and the comptroller holds tickets so that rewards can be claimed by users.

To minimize the chance of the contracts winning the prize, we keep the liquidity in both as low as possible. However, last Friday on Nov 20 we pulled so much liquidity out of the comptroller that reward deactivation was triggered for both the deposit rewards and referral awards.

The deposit rewards didn’t miss much: they were reactivated the next day so the impact was minimal. However, the referral awards for that week were completed with a zero dollar payout. After investigating the problem, we decided it would be simplest to airdrop the rewards to the affected users.

The deposit rewards will continue until December 17, and we will extend the referral rewards one more week to compensate for the missed period.

Once the rewards have been allocated we are going to decommission the comptroller. This will lower deposit and withdrawal gas costs by 150k - 200k. We’re going to explore alternate ways to reward our users.

Referral Reward Payouts

Address Payout (PcDai)
0x8E930b27C6416e09066B49DAA66e65077c7676F2 91.52421276
0xF0aFe53fEe1c9FD9322A1213AC2833378AFF431c 20.63023105
0xCFc06a635DFE08ABc9FA5a5d7DF14D1e7a439B38 4.126046211
0x2f71129b240080C638ac8d993BFF52169E3551c3 8.210831959
0xd872b7d4889Ab1c7de5a17a7877cA641AD2c3F72 861.6923517
0x6C1946159A7800fC2BE540AaafbDbAA3465F1BAD 10.31511553
0xA30FF4ed003c4403F3776a72e4b0c66292D43474 2.269325416
0x8484B03B0C409e66a74022fcF83288999Da25cD0 0.8192807813
0xF426eCcf08D6406905dEa5CB4B4b1eB2390C6b20 0.4126046211