POOL token Airdrop for POD users who should have qualified

The Governance admins on Discord found that

  • 17 USDC Pod users
  • 270 Dai Pod users

Were unintentionally excluded from the distribution.

So we’ll need to do a governance proposal to get tokens to them.

Please approve this proposal so that Users who were POD participants on Pooltogether and also fit the requirements of the Airdrop be airdropped the POOL token.

Thank you for your consideration.


I’d be in support of this :+1:
We’ll need to get the data on who exactly was missed and how much they would’ve gotten.


Nobrainer. Good that you put this up!


Hey Torgin, dm’d you a a day or two ago, I also dm’d Leighton and he responded this: Yes, we’ve looked into it and we fond that there were

  • 17 USDC Pod users
  • 270 Dai Pod users
    So I guess the addresses are already on your database, but we as users have no clue on how to calculate the rewards, is there anything I can do to help?
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I also whole heartedly support this proposal. I think it will be a nice gesture to the community to also include other small holders who were left out from the airdrop.


I also support it :+1:

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I too am among the users of USDC pod. I hope the community will support this issue and we will come to the right decision.

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:+1:t4: no brainier…agree

I’d be in support of this as well.

Yes. Should be definitely done.

Sound Right to me .-.

For sure they should be rewarded for helping the community!

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i had some dai in pods too. so would my pool air drop been higher if i wouldnt have put money in both pods and the orginal style of pool?

After several users reported the issue of not receiving any POOL, we investigated and discovered a bug in the original retroactive query code regarding Pods. Users that had deposited into the USDC Pod and the Dai Pod were not being compensated correctly. We’ve fixed the problem and are currently polishing the code in preparation for making it public.

I think this will make a great first proposal for the community, and will require the involvement of a technical community member.

I suggest:

  1. The community looks at the revised drop and determines an appropriate distribution for the Pod users that were missed, or received less than they should have. This could be constructed as a simple CSV.

  2. The CSV is published publicly to a Github repo

  3. A developer forks the Merkle Distributor project and updates it to instead consume the CSV to generate the merkle proof.

  4. The developer deploys the new Pod Merkle Distributor.

  5. The community approves of a proposal to transfer the appropriate amount of POOL into the Pod Merkle Distributor contract. It’s important to note that the the community should verify the deployed contract’s merkle distribution!. It would be very easy to slip additional claims in.

The developer could be compensated in POOL for the gas spent and the time taken, as well. A proposal can have more than one transaction, so a second transaction could transfer POOL directly to the developers address.

I think this is a great issue for the community to tackle! We’ll have the amended code up for you all shortly.


So, now we need to get someone to open the proposal

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I talked with a friend of mine that’s stufying programming, where’s the amended code so he can check it out?

Hello Everyone,

I have conducted an analysis of the missing pod addresses: Include all pod users in retroactive-query by aodhgan · Pull Request #7 · pooltogether/retroactive-query · GitHub

These results can also be viewed at Retro-Query-Fork - Google Sheets

There are 56 USDC pod addresses and 251 DAI pod addresses which either didn’t receive sufficient POOL, or any POOL at all (173 addresses combined).

The nexts steps are up to the community - to decide how to compensate these missing addresses.

Happy to provide help and more insights into this data.


Hi all,

I believe there might be more addresses seeing as mine is not part of those results. I was in the Dai pool pod.


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Can you please post or DM the address you believe is missing and I will investigate?

Please DM me on discord : Anonyme.eth#2513