V4 coming! Let's spread the word. šŸš€

We as community members can make a difference by getting people talking about V4 on our favourite social platforms. Lets get out there and get people talking.
Platforms we can target:

  • Reddit
  • Telegram
  • Twitter
  • Other discord servers
  • many more

Selling points:

  • Multichain and can get in for pennies on Polygon.
  • 1MM in prizes to be awarded.
  • Many more winners with a very high chance to win small prizes
  • Very high APR can be achieved in the form of winning prizes
  • Rollover prizes so the prizes can get bigger each week.
Have you spread the word about V4?
  • Yes LFG!!!
  • No, Iā€™m gonna sleep instead.

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Iā€™d like to see more Crypto Twitter hype around v4. I hope once it launches, we get a bit of noise around it and see it as a hot news item of the week in the various influencer and news outlets too.

the hype is on
Iā€™m usually not a heavy twitter user, so rn my profile is almost only PoolTogether content now. Do we need more Memes?

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Yes more memes would be great!