Use Yearn vaults to generate a higher payout

I love PT’s lossless lottery. I think we could combine the Fish Tank Idea with the Yearn Vaults to increase the payout amounts.

The larger return on the pooled assets would offset any noticed losses on payouts due to the increased overall size of the payout

Edit on 03/08/2021
Since there’s so much difference between the two I think it’d also be possible to pay the users a small % in interest too, maybe 1-2% enough to beat their bank accounts. That would cover their gas in and out before we get to a Layer 2.


Hey! What are the different APRs for Compound and Yearn? There’s a big difference?


At the moment Yearn is earning 25% on USDC
Compound earning ~7% on USDC.

They’re doing different things though, Yearn is a yield farm aggregator, and is open to more risk than Compound.

I like yearn as a yield source. A developer would have to write an integration. I’m not sure if someone is already working on that.

As to the % in interest, I also love that idea. The issue with it is that distributing and collecting the interest is expensive on gas too.

yearn released their yearn partners program where they do 50% profit share with partners that send them TVL - i wonder if this can somehow be worked in and profits from the partner system go to treasury?

i guess it might be a little different of a UI - youd buy direct on pool together deposit the token into the pool - I have not looked at the code in enough detail to know if this is achievable in the pool together system, just thought its worth leaving on this thread as a discussion point


This looks like an amazing opportunity!

Would love to see this!

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Agreed, it’d definitely take some additional development, but as a non-dev it seems that Yearn is fairly easy to work with (as evidenced by their growing ecosystem of partners (Cream, Sushi, Keepr, Curve)

Regarding the additional gas cost, I think we could mitigate this somewhat via batching transactions (Deposits and withdraws) or moving to an L2.

I’d prefer an L2 but at the moment it’s a bit of a chicken and egg problem, we’d have to move to the same L2 as Yearn/Compound to see the advantages of the reduced gas cost.

There are a number of L2-ish proposals floating around the forum at the moment so I won’t distract from this topic other than to say PT will have to move to an L2 at some point soon, its just a matter of which one.

great idea !! let’s do it.


@Torgin Do we need to do anything to get more traction here?

Looking at the PT Github, it looks like they’ve started to work on adding in some other Yield sources!


The Yearn V2 link is broken at the moment, but hopefully they’ll have that fixed soon.

I saw the medium post announcing that Rari had been added as a yield source as well, this is good news!

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Yep! Someone has been building this! Should be done very soon.