Use percentage of price to buy back and burn $POOL

The title says it all. I think something like 5-10% should be good and I don’t think anyone would decide to not participate because of that, especially if this means that their $POOL tokens will gain much more value.


I think 5-10% is too much.
I do think that capturing 0.5-3% to buy back and burn POOL could be a good idea.
Burning the POOL increases the value of POOL held by users, aswell as the unallocated POOL held by the treasury.


I agree. I think it’s just important to give $POOL some economical value, even if it’s not much right now.


Is there any delegate who supports this?

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i’ve read about this here: Stop Burning Tokens – Buyback and Make Instead — Placeholder would this be a better model instead of burning? let me know what you think.


Too much ADHD to read it completely, but from what I understand they are saying that the buyback is ok but subsequently the tokens should not be burned but used to provide liquidity? Imo that’s fine, as long as the tokens are out of circulating supply (and governance could make sure of that). What do you think?

Id suggest reading it fully, if you ever have time to do so.

I’m not so into the buy back and burn this early. Would be interested in buy back to treasury or build holdings to have a more diverse treasury. I would definitely be interested down the road but for now I think we are better off accumulating other assets. Imagine having a governance run DAI account generating revenue for a fair pool. Would be awesome!


At this stage the treasury has enough POOL to distribute to contributors. Buying on market is only leading to number go up and makes more sense once all tokens or almost all are distributed.


Agreed! Well put and luckily I think we can vote on thus very soon the team said.

$POOL is currently 75% off the top - so “number go up” might not be a bad thing :wink: Buying back with 2.5% of the price is merely symbolic but it gives the token at least some value.

I agree with the buyback but not burn idea. I also think it is a bit early to start buyback now but definitely in the future.

I don’t think a buyback or burn is necessary at this time. It’s still really early in POOL to be splashing about reducing the total supply or reducing liquidity. These are certainly items to consider down the line, but increasing the utility of POOL and the protocol as a whole should provide a greater long term lift.

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