Uniswap V3 Liquidity Mining Rewards

Uniswap V3 Liquidity Mining Rewards

TLDR - Polygon WETH/POOL LP incentives on Arrakis.finance

The Finance Team has been looking for different possibilities to incentivize a Liquidity Mining program for Uniswap V3. After careful consideration, we have decided that the best protocol to launch this program would be Arrakis Finance. Arrakis has far higher adoption than any other protocols offering similar services on top of Uniswap V3.

We will be running our pilot campaign on Polygon. With Polygon we have a strong community of POOL holders and a friendly gas environment. Low gas lowers the barrier to entry and ensures people can get in and out of the liquidity pool with ease. Similar to our pilot of POL on Polygon this gives us a chance to familiarize ourselves with the opportunity as a community.

We have deployed our Arrakis vault for WETH/POOL in a relatively wide range of 0.000275 WETH/POOL to 0.0011 WETH/POOL. This allows for POOL price volatility without price easily leaving the trading range. Current price is 0.00052624 WETH. Like our protocol owned liquidity, this range is set to the .3% fee tier on Uniswap.

Community members participating by LPing WETH/POOL will be incentivized with POOL rewards. For the pilot 1000 POOL will be distributed over 30 days. If we reach a cruising altitude of 33k POOL or more in total liquidity value then we will look to continue this incentive program.

The current plan is to start this campaign the week of November 14. Please share questions or opinions here and stay tuned for an announcement for launch.

How to participate

Navigate to our vault on Arrakis.finance to add liquidity. Claim POOL awards as they accrue. Add more liquidity if you are so inclined or withdraw anytime.

Technical details

Vault 0xEC6402eD9C402CCaE4EBBA7Ff48445865760ce2F

Proxy 0x8ff0ff88797be3a05e66456ec3ce8bfb96d6962c

WETH/POOL Uni Pool 0x88d6391e22125d8ed820b9ecc03c6e44fb87232a

Incentive Gauge 0x0fca3755B1DE447D15F8414f83FA650da255020F


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Great work, thx for doing that, already added some liquidity and excited for the rewards! :smiley:

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