Tier based prizes?

I have noticed talk about how the little guys are winnig less and less as more wealthier wallets join the pools.

If my idea overlaps another, please refer me to the discussion.

A tier based lottery could be two things. As address add to the pool, they are subdivided based on the time and capped capped when the amount in the pool has reach a certain number. So the first two days has a cap of 25k, the next two days is 55k, etc. The prizes in each new division would increase/decrease or be based on a percentage of the total prize, idk.

Another tier based idea would be at the end of the prize period, each address is categorized based on how much they deposited. So address depositing less than 5k are put in one division, address between 25k and 50k are in another, etc.

Each division has a chance to win a portion of the total prize with better odds of winning or have a chance to win a bigger prize.

Let me know what u think and if it’s even doable with the gas fees.

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There are a lot of different ideas all floating around the same core goal – how do we help more people win more prizes?

Phase 1 of this was just implemented last week: PTIP-24: Revised saving the little fish (phase 1) - #14 by Humanerror1

Phase 2 is launching a new V4 prize pool and that is being developed now… SOON!


I need more information

Easy, here’s some links for you. If you have any open questions after reading, please join the Discord server and let me know. :slight_smile:
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