TBR-Q4-2022 - Grants Team

Team Name Grants Team
Quarter and Year Q4 2022
Payout Address 0xd605bB8A3DA1f7f777276D3c97c828aAc3Dd4252
Total USD Value Requested $0 USD


The grants team serves as a community-led program to fund ideas submitted by both PoolTogether community members as well as third-party applicants, with a focus on empowering a wider network of developers and contributors and increase adoption of the PoolTogether protocol. There are many great ideas for improving the protocol and grants plays a key role in evaluating and equipping those contributors with resources needed to go from idea to funded development.


  1. Be a supportive, reliable and transparent partner

Grants represents a funding source of relatively low resistance for instance compared to a fully fledged governance proposal to obtain funding. The grants team commits to be accessible, responsive and supportive of grant requests regardless of their achievability to ensure that all applicants that put in the effort to engage with the PoolTogether protocol feel respected and taken seriously. Grants will continue to track and publish the funded Grants via the Notion and Medium articles and at the end of the quarter Grants will publish a review about the funded grants
of that quarter.

  1. Emphasize initiatives that benefit the adoption of PoolTogether on Optimism

Optimism has been elemental for PoolTogether to drive L2 user adoption. The grants team shall but an emphasis on initiatives that improve the Optimism user adoption, experience or create additional features / layers utilizing PoolTogether on Optimism. Grants aims to fund at least 3 applicatons related to Optimism to grow PoolTogether on Optimism.


Requested Amount

Amount Token

Budget Breakdown

Team Members

Role Yearly USD Compensation Commitment Percentage Quarterly USDC Quarterly POOL Contributor Contributor Discord
Lead $90,000 50% 9450 1827 Lonser Lonser#7584
Reviewer $50,000 20% 2250 254 McOso McOso#7958
Reviewer $50,000 20% 2250 254 Taliskye Taliskye#0137
Reviewer $50,000 20% 2250 254 TangFeng TangFeng#0239
Reviewer $50,000 20% 2250 254 Gabor Gabor#4738

Previous Budget Surplus

Description Amount Token
Ethereum 150,000 POOL
Polygon 100,000 POOL
Optimism 120,000 USDC

The grants team inherits the existing budget kept safely in the gnosis safe.
Deviating from practices in the past, the grants team shall prioritize payments in USDC and spend POOL in accordance with the ratios set forth in the newly established contributor guidelines. Therefore, the grants team aims to to continue its work with a lump-sum of [75,000] USDC, [75,000] POOL and in addition [100,000] USDC for delegation campaigns that are not to be spent and will be held in custody of the Executive Team.
The excess funds amounting to 175,000 POOL and 45,000 USDC will be sent back to the treasury.


Token Pricing

Token USD
ETH $1300
POOL 0.985298

Where do come the team members list?

I remember this:

New reviewers:

Continuing reviewers:

Current reviewers stepping down:


Hey, good question, We talked internally about it and Torgin unfortunately doesn’t have the time to continue Grants anymore and Gabor wants to continue as a Reviewer. Tanman also doesn’t continue and the rest stays the same. We currently have no open position but if the need for another Reviewer comes up, we will look openly here in the gov forum and Discord for people that want to join.

why not make a new Grants committee lead elections?

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You are right, in the past, we made a gov post for the lead elections and people voted on it.
Personally I think we could do that again, we talked about lead elections a bit in the council meetings and there is no concrete plan for all teams. At the moment every time decides themself how they want to operate and structure, the Community Team and Finance Team also follow this structure.


Yes, great question @Noxe!

We want to keep both the protocol and community as permissionless and decentralized as possible. Therefore, no one is dictating how teams are formed. It is up to the teams themselves to decide. Generally, I think teams will form on their own without votes as voting on teams can be quite time consuming (as we’ve seen in the past).

I do though think it is great for open roles to be posted. Also, if there is a team you are interested in being on, you should reach out to the person who is leading it!