Security audits

hi Pool community, glad to talk to all of you, we would love to explore the opportunity to assist you with security and join your security partners list if possible. Maybe there’s a scope to test us? Or any structure where we can help you from security side?

At this moment, we work with 1inch, Yearn, Compound, and Polygon. Our auditors placed second at the Paradigm CTF.

Decurity - 20 hackers in our team who do security tool development and full-stack security auditing of the web3 projects.

•Continuous Security Advisory
•Smart Contract Security Audit
•On-chain Security Monitoring
•DeFi Risk Assessment
•DevSecOps Implementation
•Web/Mobile Application Vulnerability Assessment
•Infrastructure Penetration Testing
•Red Teaming Simulation

We have some tools of our own (and also developing an on-chain state analysis solution):
— Proprietary monitoring solution DeFiMon
— [SAST rule pack for Solidity]
— [Simhash-based contract diff analysis tool]
— [Function selector brute force tool]

Some of the previous public audit reports can be found here

Looking forward to hearing from you, cheers!