Rigged structure when It comes to the odds

I love this project a lot, however It needs to change It’s bet and odds structure
Winners are basically the top 5% most of the time, which Is rigging the system.
My suggestion Is to limit the deposits based on the average by 50% max.
And one address can win only one time. per week

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Hi @PoolTogether and welcome to the governance forum. Your Post has been discussed in several other posts before so suggest that you look around and see if you can contribute ideas for future governance proposals.

Hey, appreciate your thoughts here and it’s been brought up a lot in different posts. Currently there’s an item called Pods being worked on, which 1. Reduces gas which is the main concern for it, but 2. Allows the small swimmers like you and I to group together with other and “join forces” to become a whale.

So other threads are here:

Closing this thread, please post commentary in one of these other threads, thank you.

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