RFC: Renounce V3 contract ownership

This RFC is a followup to PTIP-86 which sunset the operations of the V3 pools.

I am requesting feedback on renouncing the contract ownership of the V3 protocol. Currently the governance contract is the owner of the Prize Pool and Prize Strategy contracts. By renouncing ownership we would no longer have access to change parameters such as the prize period, the number of winners, the random number generator, essentially all of the operations of prize distribution. These pools can continue to operate permissionlessly as they do now and this proposal has no impact on user funds.

I have identified the following V3 contracts owned by governance

Dai Prize Pool 0xEBfb47A7ad0FD6e57323C8A42B2E5A6a4F68fc1a
Dai Prize Strategy 0x178969A87a78597d303C47198c66F68E8be67Dc2

USDC Prize Pool 0xde9ec95d7708b8319ccca4b8bc92c0a3b70bf416
USDC Prize Strategy 0x3d9946190907ada8b70381b25c71eb9adf5f9b7b

UNI Prize Pool 0x0650d780292142835F6ac58dd8E2a336e87b4393
UNI Prize Strategy 0xe8726B85236a489a8E84C56c95790d07a368f913

COMP Prize Pool 0xBC82221e131c082336cf698F0cA3EBd18aFd4ce7
COMP Prize Strategy 0x3ec4694b65e41f12d6b5d5ba7c2341f4d6859773

GUSD Prize Pool 0x65C8827229FbD63f9de9FDfd400C9D264066A336
GUSD Prize Strategy 0x821cF440654addD81493e1949F9ee078D65bb57f

POOL Prize Pool 0x396b4489da692788e327e2e4b2b0459a5ef26791
POOL Prize Strategy 0x21e5e62e0b6b59155110cd36f3f6655fbbcf6424

Sushi Prize Pool 0xc32a0f9dfe2d93e8a60ba0200e033a59aec91559
Sushi Prize Strategy 0x94ac4f591908ad5a1ccc9e05d2d75b0dd62d97fa

Uniswap POOL LP Prize Pool 0x3AF7072D29Adde20FC7e173a7CB9e45307d2FB0A
Uniswap POOL LP Prize Strategy 0x76b6A667A881e43e508eA4bd2E9775378FB2eEb7

Reserve Registry 0x3e8b9901dBFE766d3FE44B36c180A1bca2B9A295
Configurable Reserve 0xd1797D46C3E825fce5215a0259D3426a5c49455C


I support this proposal!
To give some context, why this proposal makes sense in my opinion.
Currently governance still has the ability to change a lot of parameters of the old prize pools, like the ones @underthesea mentioned above (prize period, number of winners, RNG), also reserve rate I think.
This change just makes sure the prize pools can run infinitely and nobody, not even governance can change anything about it anymore.
The only question I have is about the current RNG, BlockHash, is it also built permissionlessly, so we can use it forever, do they need some funds like ChainLink with Link tokens?
Also for people concerned about new depositors, in PTIP-56 we already changed the liquidity cap to 0$ to stop any new deposits PTIP-56: V3 Transitions .
So this just affects all current depositors.

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Yes, it can run forever, no need to fund the contract with some tokens. You just need some ETH to run the startDraw and completeDraw transactions.

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Awesome, thx for the info!
Then there is nothing against renouncing the contract ownership in my opinion! :slight_smile:

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This makes sense to me. I think it is a best practice. :+1:

Thanks for writing this up @underthesea