[RFC] PTBR-10: Executive Team Q4 2023

Executive Team

Start Date October 1st, 2023
Duration of Work 3 months
Budget 9,711 USDC & 3,750 POOL

The Executive-Team has been the primary custodian of V4 prize pool contracts and prize liquidity since V4 inception. We handle custody and transaction matters where directed by governance, such as protocol owned liquidity, OP tokens, prize pool delegations and receiving tokens on networks other than mainnet. We are the goto solution for maximum security custody for the community.

Scope of Work

The Executive Team is owner of the PT V4 contracts and has the role of managing the draw percentage rate parameters previously overseen by The Finance Team. If V4 is sunset this quarter we will manage the transition where our contract ownership and fund custody is relevant.

We will be available if any contract custody or management with V5 is needed.

We execute operations such as deploying and managing protocol owned liquidity and bridging funds where needed.

We will continue the custody of delegations for the Community Team, Grants, and SerHotMike. Custody continues to be $300k in total.

We continue with a custody limit of $750k to put a hard cap on our total custody. Activities that approach the cap will be brought forward as an alert. Any funds over that amount will need to be approved by a vote to change the cap. This gives the community a clear picture of what our custody risk is.


Our primary focus is security. For q4 we will maintain a 5/8 multi-sig of senior contributors who are well versed in PoolTogether infrastructure, happenings, and the greater DeFi ecosystem.
We look to act in a timely and efficient manner to ensure prize liquidity never runs dry, and that Pooler and treasury funds are safe.

These pillars form our goals


  • No loss. We strive to never lose funds. This is an easily evaluated metric we strive to maintain.
    Acting on governance directives
  • The executive-team aligns with the council. Any concerns from the community are encouraged.

Ensuring prize delivery

  • Prizes promised are prizes delivered. We strive for no failed prize claims due to a lack of prize liquidity.

Acting in an organized and efficient way.

  • Transactions are presented by lead as having a standard 24hr time to sign and execute. - -
  • Transactions requiring more immediate attention are presented with a 12hr time to sign and execute. The team will strive to always meet these deadlines.


The team will be funded and active for all of Q4.


Amount Token
9,711 USDC
3,750 POOL

I am presenting two changes to this proposal.

1 - After further discussions with the council and community and I am changing the budget request to be entirely USDC. This is in alignment with other teams and in thinking of POOL emissions relative to v5.

3,750 POOL in the budget changes to +2,194 USDC = 11,904 USDC total budget.

2 - In partnership with PoolTime (prev The Community Team), we will earmark 50k USDC of the 300,000 USDC held delegation budget for protocol owned ticket liquidity. These will be deposit asset pairs that match their respective tickets, such as USDC/PTUSDC or WETH/PTWETH. The strategy will be provided by PoolTime and executed by The Exec Team.


This amount, solely goes to paying the team?

Who’s the team?

List of current Executive Team Members, there should be an “official” record of this somewhere. I wasn’t able to find a link to any documents though.
-DrCPU (To be removed)

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Thanks Hook, yeah I wasn’t sure if there had been any other movement outside of DrCPU.