PTIP-7: Retro-Airdrop to Missed Pod Users

PTIP-7: Retro-Airdrop to Missed Pod Users

Simple Summary

The initial POOL airdrop missed some of the POD Users, this will distribute POOL to those that were missed with a streamlined claim UI. Originally referenced in POOL token airdrop for pod users who should have qualified Post


This proposal will utilize a fork of PoolTogether Inc. Merkle Distribution. This fork created by @McOso has leveraged the workbook published by @aodhgan and follows @Taliskye’s outline to determine which wallets were missed in the original airdrop. The Merkle distributor will distribute 30 POOL to every wallet that was missed from the original airdrop.


To correct the error from the original POOL airdrop, to retroactively airdrop POOL to early POD Users if they previously had originally received 0 POOL.



This PTIP would require:

  • 5,220 POOL to be distributed from the Treasury to be distributed to 174 PoolTogether participants that were not airdropped any POOL in the original airdrop.
  • 210 POOL, 160 to @McOso (includes gas costs) and 50 to @Taliskye for their efforts

A Total of 5,430 POOL


It’s the right thing to do for the long-term pool partiers. This idea was started through a forum post from a couple months ago and I felt this was one of the items that needed to be accomplished. I analyzed the workbook provided, connected with @McOso for development, and looked for community guidance on how best to rectify this item and retroactively airdrop an appropriate amount of POOL to the specific participants.

Technical Specification

Step 1: Deploy Merkle Distributor

Step 2: Distribute 5220 POOL from treasury (0x21950E281bDE1714ffd1062ed17c56D4D8de2359) to the Merkle Distributor (0xD40720AeBCc5506e514CC2fF1E4a7E21C3cb80a4)
Pool.Transfer(Merkle, 5220 POOL)

Step 3: Distribute 210 POOL from treasury (0x21950E281bDE1714ffd1062ed17c56D4D8de2359), 160 to @McOso, 50 to @Taliskye
Pool.Transfer(@McOso, 160 POOL)
Pool.Transfer(@Taliskye, 50 POOL)

Step 4: Deploy and publicize the Claim UI functionality:


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On-Chain: PoolTogether Vote
POOL Pool Snapshot: Snapshot

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Seems reasonable. I think this is fine by me, personally.

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Great work, lets do it!

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I may have missed this but could we get a link to a spreadsheet that JUST has the 174 addresses this proposal concerns?

You can get the addresses from Taliskye’s workbook that he linked above as ‘outline’. Go to sheet tab ‘Proposal Work’ and any address that has a 0 in G column and not a 0 in F column would be an address of the 174.

You can also repro the steps in my GitHub repo to generate the new distribution list:

But will all that said :slight_smile: here is the clean version of the 174 addresses for distribution:


I hope this gets resolved shortly! Many thanks to the hardworking devs.

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This has moved on-chain, I have added the governance and POOL Pool links to the bottom of the original post.

On-Chain: PoolTogether Vote
POOL Pool Snapshot: Snapshot

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Thank you all very much! It was really cool! Both the community approval and the work that went into it!