PTIP-59 EPNS Partnership & Exec Team Mandate

PTIP-59 EPNS Partnership & Exec Team Mandate

Simple Summary

EPNS has reached out to us to integrate PoolTogether prize notifications into their App.

This proposal will:

  • confirm the Partnership with EPNS

  • appoint a mandate to manage the notification channel and it’s delegates to the Executive Team


Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) is a decentralized protocol allowing Ethereum users to receive notifications for on-chain or off-chain activity. This integration will allow users to get a notification to their phone once they win a prize. The notification will forward users to PoolTogether - v4 to claim their prize.

Everything for the integration is finished and EPNS already created promotion material and videos for the user journey.
Polygon launch for EPNS is just around the corner, which would allow a grand majority of PoolTogether users to receive those notifications.

EPNS has implied there are no costs involved for PoolTogether.


To turn the notification channel live it’s required to set an EPNS wallet as delegate to send notifications on behalf of PoolTogether. A delegate is allowed to take care of all notification needs. The delegation is done through an on-chain transaction from the Exec Team Multi-Sig.

This proposal will:

  • confirm our Partnership with EPNS
  • appoint the Executive Team a broad mandate to manage our EPNS notification channel and its delegates, allowing them to do what is needed.


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This forum poll will be followed by a Snapshot (not an on-chain vote) that now includes Polygon POOL holders.

Should we partner with EPNS and appoint a mandate to manage the notification channel to the Executive Team?
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