EPNS Partnership & Prize Notifications

PoolTogether Prize Notifications on EPNS

EPNS has reached out to us to integrate PoolTogether prize notifications. Users will get a notification once they win a prize. The notification will forward users to PoolTogether - v4


What’s EPNS

Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) is a decentralized protocol allowing Ethereum users to receive notifications for on-chain or off-chain activity.
EPNS allows Web3 actors (users, dapps, service providers) to create notifications that are can be based on any off chain or on chain logic that can be triggered via smart contract, backend or dApps. These come from open communciation network (push nodes) and are tied to wallet addresses allowing any crypto wallet, frontend or infra service to display it to Web3 users.


What now?

Everything for the integration is finished and EPNS already created promotion material and videos for the user journey. The final step would be an on-chain transaction with the Exec Team Multi-Sig to delegate an EPNS wallet to send notifications on behalf of the PoolTogether channel.

Instructions that were supplied by EPNS:

  1. Go to https://app-mainnet.epns.io/
  2. Connect to the Dapp with your Channel’s Wallet Address(the one that was given to us for Channel Creation): 0xDa63D70332139E6A8eCA7513f4b6E2E0Dc93b693
  3. Once there, you shall see a tab (on-top) with your Channel’s Name on it, Click on it.
  4. This brings you to the Channel’s Profile page. Here, you shall be able to view the SETTINGS icon.
  5. Click on the Settings icon and then choose the Option to add Delegate
  6. Paste this EPNS Wallet address - 0x851Efb52e76a33f46491e696AB5e1933C2F901bF, and click on Add Delegate.
  7. This is a very small on-chain transaction
  8. Once confirmed, the delegatee shall be added for your channel.

The Exec Team needs orders from governance to take action on the mutlisig. As EPNS has implicated there are no costs involved for PoolTogether I’d rate this as low risk and would suggest to vote on this partnership via governance forum poll.

Should we partner with EPNS and add EPNS as delegatee for our notification channel?
  • Yes
  • No
  • We should decide this via Snapshot

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Seems straightforward and is a way to support the ecosystem. It gets more news about PoolTogether out there, I’m in favor!

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Do you know what the timeline is for Polygon support?

We have 217 users on Ethereum, and 11,203 on Polygon.

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I personally don’t.

Can you maybe help with that answer, @blakeburrito?

Very close, apparently already completed in development and will be announcing soon.

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Looks like EPNS on polygon is still coming: https://twitter.com/epnsproject/status/1522275219641151494?s=20&t=Uz8Y3XV41atsVOjBZxVE3w

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