Project: Chance Cards (Grant Proposal Draft)


Chance Cards is a product experiment atop the core PoolTogether protocol; focused on creating a unique DeFi (decentralized finance) experience for both new and experienced Users. Supercharging the core PoolTogether TWABDelegation primitive a.k.a. chance/deposit delegation, Chance Cards will offer a unique Web3 experience that blends both DeFi and NFTs.

A product that offers a glimpse into a fully realized Web3 future.

Funding Needed


Value Proposition

Delegated chance, a unique PoolTogether primitive, is a powerful and underutilized resource.

Chance Cards are an opportunity to explore chance delegation and potentially uncover new product opportunities for the PoolTogether protocol. Specifically opportunities related to onboarding new users through partnerships.

As it stands, partnerships with the protocol are difficult. ChanceCards could potentially reverse this trend and enable partnerships to occur in as little as an afternoon. Instead of requiring deep integration with a PrizePool, partners can simply deposit, create branded pages/cards and share a link.

In short the value proposition of ChanceCards is:

  • Product diversification
  • Expanding target markets
  • New partnership opportunities

Project Details

Users like simple, easy to understand products.

ChanceCards takes an advanced concept (TWABDelegation) and simplifies to a familiar symbol.

By associating a familiar product (physical gift cards) with the PoolTogether “chance delegation” it creates new opportunities for the PoolTogether protocol. Opportunities to invite new Users and forge lasting partnerships. Simply put, Chance Cards will focus on the product experience of chance delegation; educating new users/partnership and minimizing the steps to meaningful action.

The full projects detail are available at

Design Concepts


As outlined in the project details, the ChanceCards has 7 major milestones:

  • Milestone 1: Inviting Users and Organizations
  • Milestone 2: MVP - Manual Mode
  • Milestone 3: Beta Test
  • Milestone 4: Launch Application
  • Milestone 5: MVP - Gamified Mode
  • Milestone 6: Beta Test
  • Milestone 7: Scale using SaaS Model

Milestone 2 + Milestone 5 + Milestone 7 are the most demanding milestones, requiring significant design and development resources. Realistically to complete the entire project, it will require 6-12 months, but in accordance with agile thinking, the project can be broken down into “MVPs” that deliver significant value on shorter timelines, while also providing meaningful insights into the final product vision.

Milestone 2 will focus on feature parity and experience improvements.

Milestone 5 will focus on feature growth and product experimentation.

Milestone 7 will focus on feature stability and partnership outreach.




Should PoolTogether Grants fund (given a reasonable budget request) Chance Cards?

  • Yes
  • No

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Hey Kames! It’s nice to see you here.

I like the vision you’ve presented. I think NFT integrations are a big opportunity for PoolTogether. It actually feels like two steps to me:

  1. NFT projects can delegate chance to their existing NFTs
  2. We create an NFT factory that allows people to create their own NFTs, then delegate to them

It feels like the first step is simpler, and could be validated first.

That being said, I can’t vote on this until there is a concrete proposal with a budget. I’d like to see a laser-focused proposal, with clear goals and deliverables. Specifically:

  • What is the core value proposition?
  • How are you going to validate that proposition with a minimal viable product?
  • What are your key performance indicators?
  • What is the budget, and what is the budget breakdown?

These would let us know exactly what you are trying to accomplish, how we can quantitatively measure your success, and where the money is going. Then I can be an informed voter!

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Love to see this! I fully support the project but I didn’t vote for two reasons… 1) I want grants team to feel empowered to make whatever choice they think is best. I’m concerned me voting before they decide would impact that and 2) since there is no budget, I can clearly see the benefits but unsure on the costs.

Overall though, very happy to have you contributing @kames! Really appreciate your passion for this and I’ve loved looking at the mockups, etc… it’s inspiring!


First I love it,

Can I share this with Ledger team?

Hi @Brendan and @Leighton thank for comments for both your comments regarding budget.

While I understand where you are both coming from, at the same it disappoints me this is game we’re still playing. Gentleman I obviously care deeply about the protocol and I am skilled at what I do.

At this point, You either want to support me, supporting the protocol or you do not.

The more important conversation here is the potential for partnerships and growth. And ultimately what I would like any conversations, between ourselves, to be about. If either of you would like to seriously take me up on that offer, then I am always available for that.

I will happily be communicating with Torgin + Team to find a budget/milestone schedule that works for the Grants Committee when that time comes. But neither of You are the partners for that dance, even though you’re both fine gentleman :wink:

@Noxe Sure, go for it! But also maybe check-in with hotmike too because I know he has communicated with them in the past and might be able to help.

Kames: you polled the forum with the question “Should PoolTogether Grants fund (given a reasonable budget request) Chance Cards?”. You asked us a question, and I responded by saying I couldn’t vote properly without knowing more information. I’m trying to engage with your poll in an honest and constructive way.

I’m not playing any games. I’ve been thinking a lot about these kinds of questions recently, so I’ll give you some background:

Over the last three weeks senior members of the community (including PT Inc) have been meeting to discuss an official PoolTogether DAO. We’ve mapped out the broad strokes, and are nearly ready to present it for broader feedback. Much of my time has been dedicated to this over the last few weeks, so it’s top-of-mind for me. The Constitution, posted recently, is the first step in establishing the DAO.

In particular, the DAO will:

  • Define our high-level strategy and goals. This will help teams align their efforts towards a common goal.
  • Define a unified compensation structure. This will ensure people feel fairly compensated, no matter how they contribute.
  • Define a process for accountability. We need to help teams stay aligned and are performing as promised.
  • Define a process to on-board new teams. We want to streamline the creation of new teams and provide a clear framework under which to operate.
  • Establish regular communication across teams.

The details will be forthcoming this week in a post; the group is nearly done defining the DAO framework and will want to gather feedback from the community.

Now with respect to your poll, this is why I’m thinking about accountability and budgeting. These two items are an important part of the framework.

As for your idea, I think it’s awesome! I want to see it executed well, and I want to support this effort. I think it’s also worth exploring different ways that you could work with the DAO.

Here are a few observations:

  • You stress the importance of partnerships and growth, and we have some wicked smaht people in our DAO that are pursuing partnerships already. Tim, in particular.
  • You estimate the project to take 6-12 months; that’s a big on-going effort!

It seems to me that there is a lot of synergy between your efforts and the DAO’s existing growth efforts, and that the project is pretty long-term. Rather than a grant, it feels to me that you should start a new Team within the new DAO framework. You’ll be part of the DAO, so you’ll be much more integrated than you would be with a simple grant.

I value your contributions, and I think there is a lot of value in working together. My goal is to setup the DAO so that we are ready to scale, and can easily incorporate new teams just like this one.

The first DAO framework post will drop next week. I’d like to revisit your proposal when you’ve had a chance to review the framework and give feedback. How does that sound?


Great comment and I agree with @Brendan .
Let‘s wait for the DAO structure gov post before moving on with the project.
In general the idea is very good but definitely has to be integrated in the DAO due to its size and importance for partnership and marketing!