POOL Holder wants to be fun

According to Dune’s analytics, our growth rate has slowed down since December 25th.

Pool token utility has not yet been resolved and the price of the POOL token continues to drop. Our treasury are valuable ($18,270,881.53, Pool Together: Reserves and treasury. ) if price of POOL token( according to Coingecko market cap 9,230,571) continues drooping, we might get governance attack. (token price should grow with treasury)

My ideas are:

  • 1 Pool = 10 USDC winning chance
  • Sharing V3 POOL pool’s pool drip with V4 usdc pool. By participant in V4 usdc pool, depositor can get POOL prize and USDC prize.
  • Reserve, like what we’ve done in V3. (grow the treasury)
  • when the treasury growth, we can increase Pool token’s USDC wining chance. ( a formula linking treasury’s stable coin and Pool token’s USDC wining chance)

There are currently 787,890 POOL tokens in the POOL Pool, if 1 Pool = 10 USDC wining chance, that would add about 7,878,900 to V4. With a current deposit of about 28M(Polygon 24,329,267, ETH mainnet 1,115,402, AVAX 2,270,380)
adding another 7.9 M would reduce the APY from 17% to 13.3%.
Currently POOL pool daily drip rate is 200 POOL, Weekly prize is 200.