PCE Together "Perpetual Content Engine"

Tldr: PCE will generate revenue, content, & growth for the PT Community & Protocol.

The PCE has 4 Main Elements - Art - Vote - Mint - Content

PT Hosts various Art & Design contests including different types of media for different purposes. Such as Static, Sonic, Dynamic, Animated, etc. This is an evolving flow of creators becoming PoolTogether members through Art & NFT’s. (see Content Roadmap)

Contest Art is put to a vote so PT/Pooly or POOL Holders decide who wins. This way everywhere PT shows up digitally from POAP to Protocol is agreed on by the collective mind. Additionally the Winners might get a PoolyNFT!? OR Delegations during their featured Art!

The Artwork chosen from each contest is then minted on any or all applicable platforms Mirror, Zora, OpenSea, Quixotic, etc. Ultimately generating revenue, content, awareness, & new member growth for both the PT Community & The Artists who are featured!

Gary Vee, always says “Document Don’t Create”. Therefore by documenting: hosting each contest, Art submissions, Governance & votes, and the winning artwork + Minted NFTs ALL become the the Perpetual Content Engine! 100% FREE (not paying an Agency) content designed, generated, & voted on by who?

The PT community and eventually the new members being onboarding by the PCE.

Key Highlights to Reference for Accompanying .pdf’s

PoolTogether appears digitally from POAPs to PoolyNFTs, & from Tweets to Mirror NFTs.The PCE aka “Perpetual Content Engine” leverages this & onboards members through creativity.

Content Roadmap catalogs content currently being designed & or if “needed”.

PoolTogether hosts design contests matching the PT Content Roadmap.

PoolTogether rotates content voting groups Ex. POOL/PoolyNFT then Depositors/Delegators

Content Groups then Vote on current “Feature” Ex. $POOL Holders vote on Mirror NFT’s.

The winning Art of each contest will be “Featured” (Minted as NFT ex. Mirror, Zora, Quixotic) (Driving collectability of ALL PT Content, designed by artists and minted by PT)

Winners could and should be awarded PoolyNFTs &/or Delegated to for the length of “Feature”On top of their artwork being selected and shared as NFTs. (Which will cause eventual PoolyNFT deflation as a nice little side effect)

The Goal is to attract Artists & Creators outside of the existing community vs doing internal contests because of cross pollination between the communities and so on.

Tldr: The PCE will generate revenue, content, & growth for the PT Protocol & Community.

Content documenting everything including: PT hosting each contest, the art submissions,
the PT votes, the “Featured” artwork and minted NFTs is the Perpetual Content Engine!