One Deposit = ONE Ticket

To dare to be lucky is to take a chance.

The core principle that POOL needs to add to the protocol is a mechanism where one deposit would equal one ticket in the pool, in that way we would limit the chances of giving whales more chances than the people who would benefit from this protocol because of luck.

One deposit = One ticket

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I appreciate the motivation and welcome to the governance forum! Here is a thought exercise that I typically use to address this topic. Imagine that there were 2 people participating in the pool. One 1M$ deposit and one 1$ deposit. With the current model, the 1$ depositor has a small chance of winning the overall interest earned while the 1M$ has a large chance of winning the overall interest earned. If the model were to change to 1 deposit = 1 ticket and the odds were now 50/50, do you think that the 1M$ deposit would still participate? If you were the 1M$ deposit would you participate?

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There is actually a way to make this work.
However, it involves having smaller holders only being eligible to win smaller prizes.

Check out my post from a long time ago:

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In the long term the success of this protocol is not depending on the users who deposit 1 million, it depends on the users who want a fair change of being LUCKY and winning the pool rewards.

What Pool together does very well is enrich users that depoit more than 40.000 usd with the deposits of the people who deposit 500 usd. which is fair if this what you want to create but don’t be surprised when a competitor creates a fair pool, that levels out the odd of a user getting lucky!

At the end of the day its not about the amount of money that we can win, its the chances of winning that makes us deposit in the pool.

I am not depositing if you are rewarding whales whilly nilly

dude this is bad… One deposit = one ticket.

This is concept will give people the incentive of creating multiple pools.
If one deposit = one ticket then user who have 1.000.000 usd will deposid in different pools spreading out the rewards to many pools.

We want daily rewards and a large number of pools

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Should we change the issuance of ticket to one deposit = one ticket
1 - It would give people the need to create various pools
2 - It would lower the changes of whale being rewarded more often than regular users
3 - It would make Whales deploy their capital in various pools instead of putting in a large deposit on one pool.
4 - It would reflect the fair nature of the ethereum protocol which is based of fairness in code.