New integrations to wallets & expand to new networks

It would be interesting to have a vote to bring Pooltogether to new low fee networks, in mind I see already :

  • FTM
  • SCRT
    If not, some other teams might just bring their own copycat, which would be the main tthreat here. Pooltogether team could do that quite fast and keep the first mover advantage.

Even though I am no fan of more centralized approach, some other should/could be considered also, since they have or will have great userbase :

  • BSC
  • Cro mainnet (just released)

Also, bringing it directly in the best mobile wallets in their “earn” section, such as, the following would also be a very easy, fast way to bring more users:

  • ZenGO (a bit similar as Argent, but Argent has already Pooltogether)
  • MEW

Finally which want to give easy access to DeFi for newcommers could be also interesting. Here I don’t know many. I came accord Nord Finance recently, which imo offers the best APY for stablecoins. (Not sure though where they are heading yet, it is here also to broaden the possible ideas).

I am sure the community would have many other network ideas to expand to, as well as many other such wallets. It was just to launch the topic.