Lies by leaders

@Tjark literally said they don’t delete posts then my last one about data collection on the forum was deleted and he stopped responding when I pointed out that I have a post deleted just by asking last fall.

Now founder’s allocations are being used for self funding. I genuinely want to know why you are here as a community member and why you would support this.

At the cost of $1.3 million dollars a year pool together has delivered less than 600 users and people who claim to support instead extract. That like $10k per user the Dao has spent

Maybe my delivery of this message has been poor, but why is change, profits, and expansion bad?

Welcome back L7

I can’t follow your allegations here. There haven’t been any deleted threads:

As per system log it looks like you deleted it yourself.


Privaged info and again skipping the point. I will keep it really really short so you can keep up