Grants Committee Reviewer Position Applicants

Please use this thread to pitch yourself for one of the Community Grants Committee Reviewer positions. Also please fill out this form so we’ll have everyone’s info for the committee. https://forms.gle/1ytBZMXRavmgTYTY8

Time requirement will be a MAX of 10 hours weekly, realistically it’ll be closer to 5 hours though.

Number of open positions may change a bit so please don’t let the number of applicants discourage you from applying!

Reference: Community Grants Committee


I would like to be considered for the role as Reviewer.

I have been a continuous depositor of the DAI pool since October 2019. I have been an active member of the PoolTogether community this year in several areas including getting the Amended Retro Airdrop deployed.

I have a Masters level education in Computer Science where I graduated Summa Cum Laude. I am currently a Senior Software Engineer and I am also an Adjunct Professor in Computer Science at the local University. I also serve on the Board of an association where one of the duties includes delegation of funds.

I believe my experience would align greatly with the role of Reviewer and I would love to help PoolTogether grow!!


Copied from (Community Grants Committee - #28 by Praneeth):
Would be happy to be a reviewer on the grants committee - I represent one of the earliest venture investors in Pooltogether and have worked in close conjunction with Leighton and Brendan as they’ve scaled PT from its inception to where it is.

Running a grants program also needs a longer-scale thinking around ideas that may seem to not have a concrete outcome on the long-term goals of PT - and this is something I’ve found myself doing with R&D teams at Consensys, the EF and in a previous life with the quantum communication complexity research group at Microsoft. Happy to share a longer form doc that we’ve had reviews from on the structure of the grants organization and how this could take shape also from a legal standpoint. I come from background in theoretical computer science and have served as an sw engineer/architect in various capacities.

Would be keen to see this go through and ultimately shape the long-term sustainability of Pooltogether and its community.


Copied from grants committee proposal post

I am interested in becoming a reviewer. I have been involved with the PoolTogether community for about 8 months now. I am active in the discord and the governance forum. PoolTogether is what got me into Defi. PoolTogether is my sole focus. I do not actively participate in other crypto communities like I do here.
I have project management skills in construction in the physical world. I also have supply chain distribution and logistics experience. These tasks involve coordinating with many groups inside and out of the organization I work for. I believe this is a valuable skill. I lack technical knowledge but I bring organization and efficiency.
I do not have kids or a wife so ten hours a week would be no problem for me. I would enjoy the opportunity to contribute to the protocol in a more meaningful way.
Thanks for putting this proposal out. It is well done.


Copied from grants committee proposal post

Hey all,
I would be interested in being a reviewer on the grants committee. I have been a pooltogether user for probably close to 2 years and have become active in the community in the last few months. I plan to be active for years to come.
I have been an active crypto user since 2017 and always try to experiment and learn more wherever I can.
I can commit up to 10 hours a week. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of this community and if there is room on the committee for me I will be happy to put the effort in. I know there are many great talents here in our community and look forward to seeing this come together.

                Thanks! Tuna.


Uncle here!

First 1000 user in PTv1
Mid triple digit Degen score
Dai Maxi
Out of max supply, POOL is my largest holding :large_blue_diamond: :open_hands:


I’d like to add my name to this incredible list of applicants. In particular I am impressed by the form of application of @Uncle - I hope this sets a new standard :sweat_smile:

DeFi degen by night, enemy spy in the traditional business world by day, I have been involved in the allocation of capital in an amount exceeding $1bn through committee decisions over the last decade. This lens to my mind represents a good prerequisite to assess and opine on grant applications, as they are an investment into the growth of our community and the PoolTogether protocol. I usually take my time in order to prepare thoughtful responses and contributions which is how I would try to support the grant leaders as good as I can. Despite my finance background I have a strong interest in technology and how it can improve our lives. I always strive to broaden my horizon and would welcome the opportunity to learn from all the applicants and to help guide them to turn their ideas into reality.

Since discovering PoolTogether in 2020, I have gained experience from initiating projects that would fall within the scope of the grants program itself, like the charitable Christmas cards and the NFT pool. Hence I know how it feels, what it takes and how much work it is, to push such a project.

Like everyone in this board post I already dedicate more than the stated time requirement so I would feel comfortable committing to this for a fixed term.


I as well would like to throw my hat into the ring - especially it would be an honor to apply with these other community leaders.

Please consider my application for reviewer for the PoolTogether Grants Committee.

Describe your involvement in the PoolTogether ecosystem?

Several years ago, I first learned about PoolTogether with v1 (DAI deposit tickets were $20). I put money into a pool along with a couple of my family members. Over that period of time, I remained behind the scenes reaching out to PoolTogether, Inc a couple of times to see if there was anything I could do to assist via Discord. After the airdrop at the beginning of 2021, I changed my approach to “I’m here to help” and directly asked Pooltogether Inc “what were the biggest challenges for PoolTogether?” They came back with “Organizing the community”.

When I decided to actively participate in the community, I chose not to be a delegate. I learn quickly, so I decided to enable and empower others to submit proposals for the community. My first action in the community was to delegate my POOL tokens to a delegate and start learning about the process of participating in the PoolTogether community. I took it upon myself at the time to first understand the delegate system with PoolTogether. There was no easy way to track the delegates, so I created a PoolTogether delegate tracking board. I wanted a way to see who could actually submit a proposal (i.e. over 10,000 POOL tokens delegated).

For the PoolTogether Community, so far I have:

  • Participated in developing and writing the first PoolTogether NFT proposal in the governance forum with @gabor
  • Participated in Discord discussions, Governance forum posts and PTIP voting.
  • Developed the concept of a Swim Meet, worked with the community to establish the communication channels and implemented our weekly Swim Meet meetings.
  • Purchased, built and registered the pooltogether.finance and notion.so initial pages and donated them to the community.
  • Many individual meetings with community members and PoolTogether Inc employees to learn about their needs and where they need help.
  • Reached out to several communities including Argent, Zapper, RabbitHole, FEI, Uniswap and many more including getting presentations from community members and researching their community models to help the PoolTogether community.

I would have never been able to accomplish any of these things if it wasn’t for the support of all the community members! The list is endless and too long to post here.

What skills/experience do you bring to the committee?

This role will require someone who is not afraid to reach out to other communities, interact with community members and developers, work with the reviewers and lobby the delegates to help with the growth of the PoolTogether community. Someone in this role is going to be blazing a new trail. As an entrepreneur, I have the passion, commitment and experience to lead this community.

My biggest strength is the ability to communicate, quickly adapt and provide leadership to create solutions to unknown problems. I consider myself a Swiss Army knife when it comes to many different skills. I have over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and engineering and have been in the crypto space as an active investor since 2016. At a high level and outside of running my own businesses:

  • I currently sit on an advisory board for our local city high schools that mentors entrepreneurship in our community.
  • I have founded three separate companies and have varying degrees of experience from operations and engineering to strategic development and human resources.
  • I have a technical background to be able to speak intelligently enough about crypto and general project management (i.e. Agile) principals with a B.S. in Computer Engineer
  • I have invested and participated in 17 other active projects to vary degrees in the crypto space.

Hi folks,

Andy has been sick hence the late response :cry:
I would like to say having seen our attempts at a Swim team committee to this has been a wonderful transition and I am pleased with the progress we’ve made to figure things out! This looks great especially having taken inspiration from the recent AAVE grants committee.

Andy would like to nominate himself for a reviewer role!

  • Describe your involvement in the PoolTogether ecosystem

I’ve been a user of PT since Feb. of last year, have lurked for quite some time but the past few months I’ve really became involved with the community. When our governance started I first began sponsoring 50% of gas fees for users to delegate their votes (to themselves or others, not to me!)
Attended every swim meet & community call (you can check my POAP’s :wink:)

you can see my activity in discord here by searching from:user @AndyKaufman
I recommend also using:

from: AndyKaufman#1234 in: swim-meet-team
from: AndyKaufman#1234 in: governance

Since then I’ve been involved with discussions on various PTIPs and even co-authored our upcoming NFT one with @gabor once we define a few more details.

Also wrote up a simple tutorial to help users get to the new polygon prize pool, with some helpful edits by @blakeburrito

  • What skills/experience do you bring to the committee?

I would say my greatest skill is pragmatic judgement. My degree is in Sociology which I would argue is the perfect one for such a community structure.

Sociology- the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society.

Mix that in with my community management, crypto experience (2017 hodler) and various skillsets I’d like to believe I’ve got what it takes. Another relevant set of skills & experience I have is having helped small startups create pitch decks, funding requests and pitch competitions (also having been part of them myself) so I have been on the opposite side of a grants committee to some degree so I will be bringing in those insights to this position!

  • Can you commit ~10 hours a week as a reviewer or ~30 hours a week as a lead?

I spend more than that already haha!

If selected as a reviewer I understand the time paid will be strictly for the grants process, however you won’t be able to stop me from participating more unpaid :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Loving the activity here! If we’re throwing around degen scores, my most recent wallet gave me a degen score of 355! :slight_smile:

Sorry I didn’t include in original posting but please also take a couple minutes and fill out this form https://forms.gle/hU7fcUa5ikE5We2C7. It’s info we’ll need this upcoming week as we’ll be reaching out to each of you and scheduling some time to talk.


I would like to be considered for the role as Reviewer or other position.

the reason i join crypto is because of pooltogether.
i just join pooltogher around march 2021, the news about pooltogether v3, attract my attention so much, one of my uncle suicide because of gambling. i think pooltogether can help people to save money and somehow help building up saving habit.

although i study information technology management for business in UK, my computer skills sucks, but i think i can help out translating English to Chinese, i heard that lot of user in pooltogether are chinese, and lots of them are poor in english.

i am a owner of coffe shop, got lots of time to contribute on pooltogether.
by the way, 90% of my cryptos are deposit in pooltogether.
best wishes

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