Development Update

G9 Software Inc. has been hard at work getting the protocol ready for deployment. We’re only a few weeks away!

  • Code Arena completed the Prize Vault audit earlier this week, and we have begun working on the (few!) issues that were found. They shouldn’t take more than a week to resolve.
  • We’re working on an integration with the upcoming Witnet v2.0 as the random number source, as it will soon be available on Optimism and Base.
  • There will be a more detailed launch plan to share with the community soon.

We’ve been working more closely with the Witnet team, and have learned that they are launching the new v2.0 smart contracts in 3-4 weeks. Instead of using the legacy code, we are going to use the new 2.0 smart contacts. This will ensure longevity for the prize pool!

Our use case is the simplest one for Witnet; just consuming their RNG, so we are going to work with them to see how quickly we can be live. However, we still don’t want to rush so we may push the deployment to the first or second week of April.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! Otherwise you can dm me on Discord.