Better award distribution

I was thinking this week of an idea to make it more likely that people with little money would have a greater chance of winnings. the idea would be to create bands like in the income tax, but they would be bands proportional to the value of the Pool. this range would vary exponentially so that if the value of a single user were too high, the probability of this value helping to win the prize decreases. encouraging more people with less money and not alienating those with a lot of money… and making the prize more democratic

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I think that that would not drive more people to invest in the pools, but instead, it will probably immediately make the whales leave the pools.

If in the future many many people are participating in PT, this might be a good idea. But right now I think we need to attract more capital, not the other way round.

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V4 is all about this, there will be thousands of winners every week. Hold tight for October :slight_smile: