Alternative to Ethereum tokens

We all know that the limiting factor of PoolTogether is the high gas fees which make it impossible for small fish to participate, and i know Ethereum 2.0 is coming but…

What if we could include Cardano and Cardano tokens in the POOL. There is a liquity protocol coming out soon on the Cardano network (with its own LQ token) which could be used as the yield source, as well a stable-coin AgeUSD.

Off course, this would not replace ETH, it would just be an addition, with a much lower entry barrier. Just imagine how many more people would participate if you only had to pay $10 instead of $100 for fees. It would also add some diversity to the pool i.e. not being 100% dependent on ETH

Sure someone would have to write a new smart contract protocol in Plutus (Haskell), but if the PoolTogether community is interested, you could submit a proposal to Project Catalyst (the Cardano funding scheme, with millions of dollars being awarded for new projects) - to fund for Haskell developers. I think they would easily get awarded whatever funding they wanted.

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