Add a category for Delegate proposals

Might be handy to add a “delegate” category for those making proposals to be a delegate. This way someone can come to these forums and filter the category to find and read all those proposing to be a delegate.


love it, we really need someone to organize this forum better in general, interested in being promoted???

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Definitely, happy to help. I have a hunch activity it going to continue to increase.

Would also be good to see a category for proposals

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Done! I’ve added a “Delegate Proposal” category.

Unfortunately I can’t see how to change the category of existing posts :thinking:
So I don’t think I can add my pitch to the category.
But we have the sticky post with all pitches, which works as long as it stays up to date.

Edit: Thanks for clearing that up @Taliskye

Thank you! I’ll move over all the current proposal and keep the Sticky post as updated as I can.

@Torgin FYI if you edit the title, you can edit the category. I got you covered though.