1000 USDC min/max buy-in

Dear community, I am new to Pooltogether and love the idea of winning without loosing. I would
like to propose a capped pool buy-in of $1,000 USDC min/max per player. Even odds.

Capped buy-ins will create an even odds pricepool for everyone. Albeit players with limited funds will not be intimidated by gigantic buy-ins (1 to 2 odds).


500 players buy-in for $1,000 USDC = $500,000 in the pool.

$500,000 x 12.5% APR = $5,375 per month + sponsor + Reserve. Could be $6,000 in loot box.

Sample payout:

Grand Prize = $3,000
Runner up = $750
Runner up = $750
Runner up = $750
Runner up = $750

Odds of winning per player = 5 to 500

This is a better chance of winning for a $1,000 buy in Vs a gigantic buy-in. This evens out the field to equal chances of winning.


I would love to see capped versions of at least one of the existing pools to see how it goes. Iā€™d throw in!