Pool to win? NFT Marketplace?

This may not be possible, but I always thought it would be interesting to add a pool to win marketplace for NFTs.

Example - User A has an NFT they want 50 USDC for. They create a pool with the target 50 USDC to release the NFT to the winner. Users deposit to the pool once the interest reaches 50 USDC the NFT is randomly sent to one of the depositors and User A gets the 50 USDC. The rest of the money deposited in the pool is sent back to depositors.

This entire ecosystem would self build since the sellers will have to market each pool. Obviously most of these NFTs listed by users will be well above the floor as that is the only incentive to do this, but it would create a way for people to potentially own something they really want with a no loss lottery type function.

Probably not possible or regulation issues, but always thought it would make pool explode in usage.