Use Treasury Funds to Reward Longterm Participants

I propose that PT holds a secondary airdrop (to rival that of the original) that rewards long-term participants. My suggestion would be that anyone who has held a deposit on the platform for 1 year or longer, and the amount of the airdrop be proportional to the length of time held (i.e. for each month beyond 1 year, the amount of POOL dropped be increased β€œx” amount.

I am not talking about giving every user 10,000 POOL, but I believe that granting POOL to those who have showed their interest in the platform will benefit the ecosystem as a whole. This would allow more people to get involved in the voting process, liquidity mining, pPOOL participation, etc. This would improve the overall platform. I do not see any downside to this, as I believe anyone who would qualify for such a drop has proven themselves enough so that the likelihood of them dumping their tokens is minimal.

I would love to hear input from others among you. If anyone sees this, agrees, and is able to vote (I dont as I do not have enough POOL delegated to me), PLEASE create a proposal capable of being voted on.


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Overall, I like this idea a lot.

I think it needs a lot more thought in terms of how it would be designed and what the intended outcomes would be.

What immediately comes to mind is that it could be a good idea to pair something like this with the launch of the V5 upgrade. The POOL token will have far more utility after that upgrade so it could be a good time to get people re-engaged.

We also could leverage the expectation of a future airdrop to try and achieve some of our immediate growth goals in terms of growing TVL and prizes…