Subscription / Ad Revenue Model

Each week we could provide X amount of slots per pool for advertisers to post their logo / slogan within the POOL. The cost could be a function of the number of users in that given pool and/or the amount of funds in the prizepool. For example, with over 4000 addresses in the DAI pool that’s potentially 4000 impressions for whoever pays for the placeholder space. The slots are given away on a first come first payed service. The payment would go straight to the treasury.

Maybe a community member needs to be employed to do due diligence / approve the advert in case scams or worse stuff gets advertised. So probably need to create a job for someone too.

These are just rough ideas, might be some really good ideas other people have, please discuss.

Edit: Brainwave, set up an auction system to let people bid on the advert space. If only one bidder they can get it for a dollar, overtime the market will value it correctly.


Protocols get free advertising through adding to the loot box.

Are you talking about adverts for something else? I don’t love the idea of turning this into an ad platform. However, if revenue from the ad sale goes into the pot or somehow goes back to the pool participants, then who knows.

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