Seed Rari Capital's Upcoming Fuse Pools with Treasury: POOL

About Me
Hey everyone! I’m Jack from the Rari Capital team and below is my proposal for a collaboration between PoolTogether and Rari Capital!

Rari Capital will soon be unveiling our new financial primitive, Fuse. This protocol is a custom money market deployer, allowing for any user to generate their own money market using: custom assets, custom interest rate curves, custom oracles, and a whole lot more. While we haven’t pushed much information live, you can read more about Fuse here: and view the current interface here:

What is Fuse?
Fuse can be used for leveraged yield farming, debt financing, leveraging on tokens, and literally everything imaginable as long as an oracle can be created and utilized.

While Fuse introduces a brand new product in DeFi, there are endless opportunities for the use of this application that we may not even notice until the product is live and being used by the community. Liquidity is key to making Fuse successful and leading up to our launch we are looking for tokens to partner with. To start, I would like to propose PoolTogether route treasury funds to the Rari Capital created pools and even a PoolTogether pool as well (if interested) to earn autonomous interest on POOL holdings. By doing so, the PoolTogether community would have the freedom to lever up on their positions and do all sorts of other creative strategies that traditional money markets with POOL currently supported limit their users with. Once there are multiple Fuse pools with POOL liquidity, Rari Capital will be able to build a custom yield aggregator for the token to allow for POOL holders to earn the highest yield possible without losing exposure to the token.

As part of our safeguarded launch, we will start on Day 1 with Rari Capital created pools. One of our initial pools will include POOL. In the future we will be able to support rebasing assets. I will also note that although our launch will only allow Rari Capital created pools, in the future PoolTogether can create their own pools as well if that is of interest.

User will be able to lend POOL borrow USDC. (This will depend on the tokens in each pool/what is used as collateral)

Collaborative Opportunities
If PoolTogether and the community is interested we would love to work on onboarding POOL and can proceed together on collaborative marketing to enhance the use cases of Fuse within this ecosystem.


Hi Jack!

This opportunity of having a lending platform like “Fuse” is great. It will add more utility to $POOL beyond just voting.

I think the community will show support on this proposal.

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There has been quite a good discussion on this today in the Discord, starting with this message: Discord
I recommend people read through it.

Treasury reserves are not just to be given out, unless they add exponential value to PoolTogether. Kindly note this for consideration !

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