RFC: Renewing pPOOL and POOL/ETH LP Uni V2 Rewards


The POOL rewards for the POOL pool and the POOL/ETH LP on Uniswap V2 will be ending in ≈ 13 days. Currently, the POOL pool is emitting 200 POOL per day and the POOL/ETH LP on Uniswap V2 is emitting 150 POOL per day.


-ETH/POOL LP on Uniswap V2

Since a Protocol Owned Liquidity solution has not yet been ironed out, it is doubtful that a sustainable program will be deployed by the time the POOL/ETH LP rewards end. It is important for liquidity providers to remain incentivized to continue to provide liquidity for the POOL token on Ethereum by continuing emissions of the LP rewards. The Treasury Working Group recommends these rewards be extended for 60 days at the current rate of 150 POOL per day (9,000 POOL total) while a new POL solution is developed.


We also want to continue to incentivize POOL token holders to continue holding and voting towards the progression of the protocol by staking in the pPOOL. While a new tokenomics plan is being worked on, the Treasury Working Group recommends extending the POOL emissions for those staked in the pPOOL for 60 days at the current rate of 200 POOL per day (12,000 POOL total).

PTIP-55: Extend Pool Emissions - PTIP 55

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Do you support extending the rewards for the ETH/POOL LP on Uniswap V2 at the current rate of 150 POOL per day for 60 days (9,000 POOL total)?

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  • No
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Do you support extending the rewards for the pPOOL at the current rate of 200 POOL per day for 60 days (12,000 POOL total)?

  • Yes
  • No
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I think we could consider reducing the drip on the pPOOL. 9% APR is pretty damn high and we don’t really want more depositors in it than now since it increases voting power of the pPOOL voting multisig, which shouldn’t become too big.
Maybe we cut emissions to the pPOOL by half? 4.5% APR is in line with ETH staking rewards for example.

Aside from that, I’m in favor of extending for 60 or even 90 days.

Ethereum Uniswap is the main place where we have liquidity at all right now and until there is a better solution we should keep it.


Idk what to do with the PPOOL, I’d rather wait until we see the upcoming tokenomics before making a determination.

As for LPing, I think we might be better off considering some of the other options that have come up rather than continuing with Uniswap v2, LPing on Polygon, Bancor, Uniswap v3:

If we wait instead of renewing PPOOL drip, we will get to the point where a month will go by and there will be no incentive to hold POOL (apart from governance).

People that have staked POOL and are currently staking POOL, are long termed aligned and have lost most of their value due to the recent Token’s prize action. I’m of the opinion that renewing the current drip for 60 more days is a small cost to compensate those that have stayed in the protocol for a long time.


yeah, I agree here.

I think the POOL pool depositors are clearly long term aligned so getting more POOL into their hands is in the benefit of the protocol.

The overall balance of the POOL pool has declined a lot since it’s peak, on top of that there are a lot more POOL active for voting than ever. I don’t think continuing the status will impact any centralizing adversely.


An upcoming tokenomics update may change my opinion on the pPOOL, depending of course what it entails. Only a 60 days extension though, so I am in favor.

I‘m not a big ETH user myself but I think extending the Uniswap LP and PPOOL drip for 60 more days probably makes sense.
We need liquidity now and other Options like Uniswap V3 or Bancor need some time. Also an alternative to the PPOOL is planned but also needs time. I agree with @Torgin and @McOso that we could maybe cut the PPOOL emissions to like 100 POOL.
(Although I don‘t have a strong opinion about that, if it stays at 200 POOL, that‘s also fine cause it‘s „only“ 60 days)