Revenue to POOL holders

It would be good to have a treasury and have some kind of fee collection happening from all the pools. It would have to be a small amount as we don’t want to stunt the growth of the pools and platform. The early exit fee could be split between treasury and supplementing the pool and maybe a small percentage of the interest could go to treasury as well. We could reinvest the treasury into the pools or invest it elsewhere and let it grow.
What are some other ideas for generating revenue?


My vision of a revenue share would be something like 0.5-2% of the interest earned on all pools and you’d opt in by staking POOL on the pooltogether platform. I really think all pools should be generating some revenue for the platform. People looking to try and win wouldn’t really be impacted much by the low fees associated and it would make POOL very desirable to own. Governance run pools and user created pools would all be generating that 0.5%-2% revenue from fees but maybe user made pools could have the option to opt-out of being revenue producing pools.

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Yes I agree! Well put.