PTIP-41: Operations Overhaul

PTIP-41: Operations Overhaul

Simple Summary

This proposal will increase the budget for the ops team and reduce operations costs.


This proposal will:

  • Cancel the existing Sablier 100k stream of ScUSDC
  • Create a new Sablier stream of ScUSDC of ~330k ScUSDC over one year
  • Do an up-front transfer of $40k ScUSDC to bootstrap the Ops budget.
  • Replace UNI and COMP RNG services with blockhash
  • Remove the gassy Loot Box integration from the USDC, DAI, UNI and COMP prize pools.


With the rise in Ethereum gas prices, the Ethereum Operations Team does not have sufficient budget to run the prize pools. Last week we had gas costs of ~2.23 ETH, or approximately $8600 USD. We need much, much more in weekly budget.

We can reduce gas costs by removing some dead features and by reducing LINK costs for pools that don’t need it.



  • $10k / week, along with optimizations, should cover the weekly costs. This would come from the old stream ($190k left) + new stream ($330k).
  • The loot box NFT is no longer being used, so we can strip it out entirely. This should save ~150k gas.
  • The UNI and COMP prizes are low enough that a blockhash is sufficient for RNG. This will save 4 LINK per week.

Technical Specification

Proposal is now live

  • Yes let’s do it
  • No, and I’ll explain why below

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